Monday, February 25, 2019

Sundry Munday

Premiere project downgrader. Yes, this piece of information will save the lives of those around you, and keep you from serving jail time.
Here are the details of how it works.

Terry Britton on hardware mapping in Samplitude. Which is a pain in the tuchus for me at this time.

So, Auphonic is an online service for loudness normalizing audio and suchwise for podcasts. They'll do 2 hours for you per month for free. It's pretty nice really.

PaulXStretch plugin. Yeah, I know this audio stuff should go on another blog. But it isn't. So that's just how it is.

Strezov Sampling has some free drums and such.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Mod Bass (kit)

There's a bunch more images here.
Me, yabbering about the bass on the 'tube is here.
Me, playing it very badly, here.


This cracks me up:

Lutyens recounts visiting old friends at a local communist office in Newcastle, who expressed interest in her mining-disaster dramatic scene The Pit (Op. 14, 1947), and suggested they play it at local pit welfare halls. When Lutyens warned they might not appreciate the ‘modern music’, an ex-miner present asked: ‘don’t you think that after two hundred years of capitalist ownership we could stand twenty minutes ‘modern music’?’

That's from this blog. Also, apparently, neither Lutyens nor any other woman, was allowed to teach composition at the Royal Academy of Music. Because. You know. Reasons.

Humble Bumble is cool. And so is Subnautica: Below Zero.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The most vital needs for you today

Have I reminded ye of A1TriggerGate? Free. Stutter-y edit thingy. It's nice.
Places to download legal and free books.

Wavreport is a good site for stuff about production sound.
Lawson Horns. French horns.
Medlin Horns. North Carolina.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019


Inverse square law of light. I still don't understand how this applies to Fresnels. Well, I guess the bendy-ness of the lens effectively puts the "origin" of the light somewhere behind the lamp itself. I guess. Who knows? Stuff is weird.
Unfortunately this Victor Rousseau was a real antisemitic twit.

Journal reviewer.

List of predatory journals.

Music and the Moving Image journal.

Chicago format for prose extracts.

Monday, February 04, 2019

All For One

Franz is a multi-messenger client thingy.

Rambox also, too, similarly.

All-in-one messenger app works great. It's one app for Dischord, freaking WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Tweet Deck, pretty much whatever you got. Built on Chrome so it's cross-platform.
What is weird though is that the only way to actually launch it is to go to the store and hit the launch app button.
That is, until you dig deep down in the comments and find that there is a separate app just to launch allinone from the Chrome toolbar.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Reducing Tabs

Music PhD

University of Birmingham distance music composition PhD.
University of Kent.
Monash doctorate of philosophy in music composition.
The Open University doctorates.


Music and the Moving Image.

The Journal of Film Music.

The New Soundtrack.

Music, Sound, and the Moving Image.

The Soundtrack.

Sound Effects (themed issues.)

This pop-up really bugs me. It just won't go away and inevitably it will sit over the text I need to select.


Chicago Manual of Style online.

How to write an abstract.

Glivular Marimbunek

I dig Lindsay Ellis' essay on 3-act structure. Sure, I hate thinking about structure as having 3 acts, but if you're gonna call it a 3-act structure, this feels about right.

If I liked whiskey, or had an English accent, I'd be much more successful.
Audiocheck. Online audio signals to test headphones and speakers. You want to bookmark this.

Citethisforme is a site which helps you site stuff. I mean, cite stuff. You know, for writing papers.

There's a new website for the new podcast, Earthkiller.

Oh, and then Instagram for Earthkiller.

Girl in Space podcast.