Thursday, April 30, 2015

Armor Image Dump

Today I am presumably prepping. There is so much sand in my house. I don't know what to do. Can one wash sneakers? I'm going to find out. All of my 15-minute chargers and all my 15-minute batteries are... dead. So I'm switching over to lithiums. So much for the environment. Actually, at less than $2 a piece for the vastly improved number of hours they run they might be better for the 'viron. I dunno.
My sister is designing a deck of cards I want these so much so much want now.
You'd have thought that for five thousand dollars we'd have got something that looked this good.
I gotta pick up a Helix today. I gotta figure out how to use it.
The new Kindle works fine.
We need a log book and stuff to put on the wall for a shrine. Dog tags, pictures, that sort of thing.
I want to create a new numeral system for a number system that goes to 12

(box with vertical line through it)
(box with horizontal line through it)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Other Stuff Learnt

Having got back from Colorado last night I'm jet-lagged to the point of incoherence.
We shot about 520GB of 4K Quicktime movies. That's about 220 (or so) individual shots.
Marijuana doesn't actually do that much for me. I'm not saying it does nothing to me, it just isn't exciting enough to eat more granola bars or smoke.
I think I brought back about three-quarters a ton of Colorado sand back from the dunes in my knapsack. Right now it's hanging upside-down over my tub in an attempt to dry it off after multiple rinsings.
Un-color-corrected screen grab android in the desert. did a very nice job of dealing with our rental. They sent us that Pelican with the BlackMagic 4K inside. And all the other (seemingly infinite) bits and pieces you need. We did the trick of putting a paintball gun inside and declaring a firearm in the baggage. The theory is that makes it harder for baggage handlers to steal your luggage. I don't know if it worked. We got everything we checked (and carried on) back at the end of the flight, so maybe it worked (Southwest Airlines lets each passenger check two huge bags for free.)
The altitude affected me. I became very achy. I know, I know, marijuana can help with that -- ha ha. But seriously, I needed more time to acclimate.
The script and the call sheets were all on my Kindle. This worked out vastly better than flapping sheets of paper all over the place. But the screen on my Kindle got a divet in it. I contacted Amazon about that (admitting that it probably got scratched against something in my pocket) and they're sending me a new replacement for free, which is some excellent customer service.
We're done shooting with the Blackmagic for this shoot though. The rest of the movie will be on the GH4. It should be interesting.
You know, it would only cost like $38,000 to fly cross-country on a private jet...

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

What's next?

So, what are you doing?
We're getting ready to shoot our next movie.
How's that going?
Well the schedule is up in flames.
What's up?
You know, art, set, that sort of thing.
Doesn't this happen on every. single. movie. you. make?
Why yes. Now that you mention it. It does.
What are you shooting first?
It looks like we'll be shooting on sand dunes in Colorado first.
Really? You're flying out to CO?
Yeah, we're staying in a house.
Wait, marijuana is legal in Colorado.
I was not aware of that fact.
My NSFW street cred was having some trouble lately.

What are you shooting on?
We'll be using the Blackmagic Production 4K. We'll be shooting on sticks as well as handheld with a brace borrowed from Libby Csulik. We're shooting at 400 ISO just like all the blogs tell us to, but we're using a .9 ND filter to drop the light down 3 stops.
What about tap?
Right now I have this ridiculous notion that we'll take the SDI output from the Alphatron eyepiece and feed a second Alphatron eyepiece because the sunlight will just be too bright for a regular monitor. That way two people will be able to watch through the camera without setting up some obnoxious tent to cut down the light suitably to look at a monitor.
So what about the shooting in the studio?
I don't know. One thing I feel is that we need to use the Letus Helix because we have to emulate having a huge dolly on set. Oddly, the Blackmagic does not work perfectly with the Letus because of the optical center -- it means there's a big motor right where the monitor on the Blackmagic camera is. You have to put another monitor on the Helix.
At the same time, there is a kind of merit to using the Helix with a Panasonic GH4 (at 400 ISO) because of the flip-out monitor. Now, the Panasonic, like the Blackmagic, gets noisy above 400 ISO. And the Panasonic has more rolling shutter. But the interiors do not need composites the way we'll be compositing out in the desert (my problem with rolling shutter is the way compositing works, or doesn't work, without global shutter). Also, the smaller sensor size of the GH4 gives us a bit more depth of field which helps our lives when we have a moving camera and are desperately trying to follow focus.
You seriously have no idea what you're doing, do you?
I do not. I am, however, desperately trying to find out.


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