Friday, February 28, 2014

Knots, Glasses, Symbolism.

How to tie knots. Complete with animated .gifs.

So. School. I hated school as a child. Strangely, I was pretty good at it (and, in fact, those two facts might have correlation). And it hasn't been until recently that I've taken any classes. I just completed my CPR course and discovered one thing -- man, wearing glasses sucks.
I have three pair of glasses. It's very fussy but one pair is for reading, one is for computer, and one is for distance.
Classrooms, where one is looking at a chalkboard and then back to writing notes, are terrible when your close-distance prescription is different from your long-distance prescription. And yeah. I could get bifocals. And yeah, I probably will. But yeah, it's a giant pain in the tuchus.
I love that symbol. I wish Blogger would insert it automatically.
Speaking of crazy stuff Blogger does, has anyone noticed that if you insert like an Amazon link or a video link and then put in more iframes or pictures, the original iframe disappears and you are no longer (for instance) publishing a Bandcamp link even when you're looking at the HTML just before you hit the "publish" button. Like that.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I love my spam

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pet Your Dragon

Dragons like to be scratched under the chin. Everyone knows that.

Wackadoodle Reviews

Oh dude. This is awesome. These guys do these wackadoodle reviews. And then they add soundtracks to clips. It's amazing.
There are three pages of this review. On the third page they show the "Laws of Robotics" scene from Android Insurrection. Then they wrote this:

"Hydrogen: These are the Three Laws of Mega-Ironic Robotics, and when I read them out loud everyone in my screenwriting class stood up and clapped, can I get you any more fresh bread Mr. Spielberg?"
I have no idea what that means.

Here's an awesome review of Earthkiller. What's sweet is that the nudity really seems to creep them out. My work here is done.

And another review of Earthkiller/Total Retribution. Goldmine I tell ya!