Monday, September 30, 2019

Just Stuff

Git large files.

Radiolab on The Ring.

Yeah. Gimme your weapon.

Uh. Yes Sir.

Sata hands it over.
Sata: You shot him! Why did you shoot him?
BLAM! Tybalt shoots Mach right in the chest.

Down the hall:

What the...?

Boys, take her out.

I ain’t shooting no brother Airborne.

Fine. I’ll do it.

BLAMMITY BLAMMITY. Tybalt shoots Sata

Uh! You son of a...

Falls to the ground.

Private Riggs, you gonna follow orders?


Go after that trooper.

Yes sir.


Raze grunts as she comes to a stop.

What in the name are you doing?

Walking boots

You. What’s your name? Private Riggs?

Shut up. I’m supposed to kill you.

Who says?

That officer. If I don’t do what I’m told I get in trouble.

You’re not supposed to shoot people on your own team.

I dunno. Maybe he gots a reason to need you dead. Sorry ma’am. I just gotta do it.

Body falls

If you’re gonna do something, Private. Just do it. Don’t talk about it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Laughing Shampoo Animal

Today I had to learn the difference between a Minimum Viable Prototype, Proof of Concept, and a Prototype.

Orchestral programming:

Fmod vs Wwise.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Still have to solve power

A way to store the SSD card in a handle is fine. And except for the fact the monitor is a touchscreen it would be relatively easy to put a Loupe on the BMCC4K. It wouldn't be off-axis like regular cameras are, but rather the viewfinder looks right down the lens. I mean, not really. But it's in line with the lens. I still need either a Western dolly or a doorway dolly.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

That which was

Using GitHub with Unreal.
I don't know. I think 1987. Andrew Bellware, Todd Johnson. (Todd thinks this is 1986.)

Krakli Software makes VSTi emulators. Free.

Ajax Sound makes a program called Cecilia. Also free.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

School's Out

 The end of my course at Thinkspace/University of Chichester is technically a week from this past Monday. Or, rather, it ends on this coming Monday. My main tutor is going on to get his PhD from Hart. And I'm trying to push my nose into an online PhD program at Salford, Manchester.
In any case, what it certainly means is that I'm not in school anymore. And I miss it. I even started taking some other courses (I can do that -- as a degree student I have access to all courses now and for the future. I'm even allowed to go to webinars (but to take a "back seat").

It was only a year ago I heard I got in. Sigh. My eldest brother would have been the most excited about me finishing this program. Well, next to my dad I suppose. And it's totally a selfish thing to think that way but for so many years I would think "Oh, I need to show this to my mom" before remembering.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Linear Baby Wipes

I keep forgetting how to make a film-like wipe, with a nice feather in it, in Premiere Pro. The effect is called "Linear Wipe." You need to put it on the outgoing clip.

The photographer's ephemeris is a great online tool for figuring out where the heck the sun will be at a particular time on a particular date in a particular place. If you don't want the sun behind the camera (or, if you do), you need to have a way of figuring out where it'll be. Won't account for clouds though. Of course.

If you need to rent a Stryker in Canada, you can go to BlueLeader.

A new Jeff Somers story.

Timecode calculator app.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Pictures on the Moon

Turns out, this picture is "fake." It's fake only in that it was significantly altered, with more black "sky" added.

That said, I still insist the Apollo astronauts were really terrific photographers. Sure, Armstrong messed up the framing on one of the most iconic photographs in the world. But it's in focus and correctly exposed. He had to shoot without seeing through a viewfinder for crying out loud.
I can't figure out the actual film speed of the color film(s) they were using. It was all special-order 70mm Ektachrome.
Among things that are true is the fact that any 70mm photographs you took in that environment (space, the moon) would look amazing because they are, you know, space, and the moon.
All of the Apollo pictures are on Flickr.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

A Rule-Book for the Actor

The first thing each actor must do before embarking on the dream of creating a sceneae is to become aghast at the triumvirate demons of 1. occlusion 2. seduction 3. trans-configuration.
It is right and just for the quality Ldy in these times to maintain her antigravity belt in tip-top condition. Would you want to be left out? Grounded while your sisters are fighting the alien globes infesting the upper atmosphere?
We shall fin by the end of this interview whether you are human at all. And no, we do not mean the other thing. Please prepare yourself for the Questioning by the Imperial Accessor.
One: Do you taste metal in your mouth right now? Or plastic? Answer carefully.
Two: Have you or any of your pod been exposed in any way to that which is behind the door with no key?
(Have you ever seen that door open?)
Three: If ordered, will you actuate the backup knowing your own hive is in the Observatory platform?