Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Monday, February 13, 2006

More Desert

We were pretending we were in Star Wars.
1. Andrew Bellware (a terrible picture of me), Laura Schlachtmeyer, Clare Stevenson.
2. Andrew Bellware, Clare Stevenson (obscured), Laura Schlachtmeyer.
3. Clare Stevenson, Andrew Bellware (shemping for Ted Raimi.)
4. Laura Schlachtmeyer, Clare Stevenson, Andrew Bellware (again, shemping for Ted Raimi.)
5. Laura Schlachtmeyer and camera (note the still-camera tripod, not good for smooth starts and stops of pans.)

In the desert

David took these pictures. That's me shemping for Ted. Laura has the floppy hat. Clare's looking not out-of-place!
Clare Stevenson.
Clare Stevenson.
Andrew Bellware.
Andrew Bellware, Clare Stevenson, Laura Schlachtmeyer.
Laura Schlachtmeyer, Clare Stevenson, Andrew Bellware.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Last day of Principal

Laura and I are a bit sad -- this has been so much fun, and now we just have some "B" roll to get! Today we had a bunch of people, including some new characters.
We shot the Attis 19 space station.
The always wonderful Jeffrey Plunkett played Advisor Carrasco.
Christa Kimliko and Sarah Matthay are the androids Chloe and Klelland. They were super-great.
Clare's husband Al DelBene played the Terran Ambassador (or rather, his drone). He barely got a chance to say hello to her before he got whacked. Behind him is Kim Vasilakis as a Maria-Class android.
Christa Kimlicko-Jones, Clare Stevenson, and Sarah Matthay as Clare's about to whack her hubby.
The Maria-Class (Kim Vasilakis) is about to come to an untimely end by the newly - sentient Trelissa (Anna - Karin Eskilsson.)

A Beautiful Day

I feel these are the most beautiful images I've ever shot.
That's Christa Kimlicko as Chloe, first under wraps and in transit, then with Aurora (Clare Stevenson).
Aurora (Clare Stevenson) reaches a dead end!
Clare Stevenson took this picture of me (Andrew Bellware).

A Big Day!

Today was the longest of all of the days on Bloodmask. We went 13.5 hours. In a "real" movie we would have been considered to have gone into less than an hour of overtime (we always take a long lunch.) But for us -- whew!
Lucretia (Olja Hrustic, whom we wrapped today) kills the Neuronecromotron (Don Arrup), while Aurora (Clare Stevenson) looks on.
Anna Ekillsson as Trelisa.
Aurora (Clair Stevenson) and the Androids (Sara Matthay, Anna Ekillsson, Ben Thomas, and Christa Kimlicko-Jones).
Andrew Bellware, with the camera (taken by Clare Stevenson).
Ben Thomas is a dead Edwards.

Friday, February 03, 2006

New Cat

Pictures of Pushkin from Clare. Yesterday he walked around the set a couple times. Unusual for him, coming onto set like that. I hope he's not expecting Producer credit. Luckily, this photographic evidence shows what he actually did for production most of the day.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

reel 216

I've lost track of the days. I know we shot about 60 minutes. And right now I'm logging the reel numbered 216.
Lucretia and Aurora on the gantry of the Narcissus. Olja Hrustic and Clare Stevenson.
Lucretia's death scene. Olja Hrustic.
The robot who kills her. Claude.
Laura Schlachtmeyer doing her favorite thing: making a big mess (this time with gold android-blood) on Olja Hrustic
And Mitchell Riggs as Kelly, the technician aboard the Narcissus, with Olja Hrustic and Clare Stevenson.