Sunday, July 29, 2012

Massive Conversation

My sister insists these two cats, Pippin and Niki fight like cats and... well... cats.
I don't see it myself.

I have a Tumblr because, well, I do.
John Scalzi just straight-up admits to being a communist. Or at least someone who thinks things like public education and health care are good.
Same thing.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Things in my Browser

I need a Voight Kampff machine. I know, I know, everybody needs one.
Keith Medly is the dude with the 27-string guitar.
Hanlon's Razor is the thing where people do stuff and you think they're evil but really they're just appallingly stupid. (See Manhattan Theatre Source.)
How to pitch a TV show.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whattup With the Whaddup

I got my Reddit Arbitrary gift(s) today. Wow. I'm deeply humbled by this. My secret Santa went all out.
Many of these things are straight-up from my Amazon wish list. Not all of them though. And I will tell ya that I did not sign up for Arbitrary Day 2012 in order to get stuff. I thought it would be fun to give somebody some fun things. Which I did. But that'll be in another post.
My sister altered the picture of the cat (below).
Remixing Clonehunter with new Foley work by Jeremy Crowson. Which is good because the new version of the movie has to go on a drive to California tomorrow.
Scrivener vs plain text.
Wow, the Internet is being very strange today.

Friday, July 13, 2012


It all started when my buddy Chance twittered the wrong opinion
Ten minutes into watching “Underworld” and I already hate it. Abysmal. 
Now, of course Chance was talking about a film that has one of the finest screenplays of the 21st century. So I had to call him up and explain that to him.

But that wasn't the real reason for this conversation.

No, the secret agenda I had in mind was to persuade Chance to make more movies. I mean, he made Hide and Creep and Interplanetary for crying out loud. He freakin' invented the zomedy.

You can just barely make out the part of our conversation where I downloaded the mind virus into his head. He'll be making a movie that's a cross between Escape From New York and Apocalypse Now.

(Which is also funny because The Imaginary Opera is also a cross between those two movies. To learn more about The Imaginary Opera you have to read my Tyrannosaurus Mouse blog.)

In any case, we created a directors' commentary about a movie neither of us had any involvement in. A movie that had a craft services budget which surpasses the total budget for all our movies to date. A movie called Underworld. Note that we do not stay on-topic.
The Audio
The machine transcript
The keywords the computer picked out:
michael sheenscience fiction movieeighties action moviecommentary trackguitar player,bill nice charactertrench coatblade seriesstar warsmachine pistolskate beckinsale,funny thingvampire movieblade runnerhonestly feltplay guitarforbidden planetwhite cleandowntown birminghambig crazymusic writtenliberty islandarrange partscomic constar trek 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Those things that came up today

Some more on Save the Cat.
The SAG Commercial Contract FAQ explains the difference between a "hold" and a "first refusal".
If you need to dork out you can read all about the guns in Underworld.
I'm at a minute and twelve seconds a frame for 2000 frames. So... a couple days then. Alrighty.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dietetic Sweeps in the Palace

It turns out it doesn't really matter what diet you're on.
"Women are more tolerant in terms of what they’ll watch than men are. If a character is boorish, sexist, and violent but is written with integrity and is in a vehicle for interesting plots, women will watch: The Sopranos was a great example of this."Hmm... that's interesting. It sounds like a pretty sweeping statement but it's interesting nonetheless.
I've put Tommy Rowen on the task of getting Dragon Girl into production. Ha! I am so cruel. But be sure to welcome him to his new office here in the Forbidden Palace.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blink Thief Moose

There's a film company in Jersey City quite a bit like ours: Blinky Productions. Unfortunately I heard about them from a rant on John August's blog because they, or someone, had put John August's name on IMDB associated with some fan films they made. This, understandably, irked John August. Not exactly the kind of attention one would normally want.
I'd never heard the term "Thieftaker" before. This book looks pretty cool.
Jonathan Wild was an infamous thieftaker in London.
I made a moose for Reddit's Arbitrary Day.

Then Thuslike

Red Giant bought Singular Software. That's probably a goode thinge. Red Giant has been around for a while. Singular has a neat product. (I haven't gotten around to firing up my latest beta of PluralEyes though...)
There's a speedy way to estimate square roots. It's called "carrying a calculator". Ha! I make joke.

Speaking of math, we're not all that great at doing it in our heads. The 11 Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math - The Atlantic

Monday, July 09, 2012

My Notes for Today

  • Tomorrow I am going to get some work done on The Imaginary Opera. 
  • Tom is going to work on the last Dragon Girl rewrite (I know, I keep saying we're at the last rewrite but I swear...) 
  • I'm rendering out an 1800 frame thing which we'll be using as the opening to The Prometheus Trap. 
  • An update on our new computer, Ophelia. Ophelia is a Mac Mini. I went for the Mini because I figured that there were a lot of advantages to being able to stay in Final Cut Pro at least for another year. And if we decided to switch over to PC's, we'd be able to do that do. Ophelia is an i7-based computer, and for $49 I ordered 8GB of RAM from Amazon. The computer is reportedly substantially faster than the quad-core Xeon Power Mac that's in the office. It's not faster than my dual-quad-core with updated graphics, but it's also 1/3 the price. 
  • The new office setup seems to be working. Nobody's that enthused about it but nobody is griping either. I like it. 

  • 1800 frames at a minute-forty a frame. Render on.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

But of course

So, it's July 5th. Nobody is in the office. I have another 4 weeks before the audio post-production to The Prometheus Trap begins. We've got all our other movies out the door.
We have the new picture edit workstation, Ophelia, and I figure that some re-arranging is in order so that we can all be more comfortable in our studio.
All it takes is me disconnecting my audio post system and moving some things around. I've got plenty of time, I know how to do this.
I disconnect the audio rack. Do some cleaning. Rotate a desk 90 degrees. Unplug everything...
So just as I've disconnected the speakers I get an email.
From my distributor.

I need to address a handful of issues -- things that got kicked back in the QC of Android Insurrection. I need to make some changes in picture and some audio changes and send them to him in a new Quicktime movie on a hard drive.
And he needs it by Monday.
I look down at the cables in my hand. Of course.
Now of course the studio is a wreck. Cables everywhere. But I've created a new deliverable of AI -- this is version "F" for those of you playing along at home.
Let's see how much money FedEx wants for me to get this drive to California by Monday.
Hoo hoo! We'll see how this goes! Wish me luck.
(Whee! Independent film!)

Thursday, July 05, 2012

God, Werewolves, and Firearms

A great article on the Godlight theater company.
In my experience werewolf engineers on starships tend to sleep on top of their covers rather than under the covers.
Russian air pistols.
This one seems to be rather a rather precision engineered gun, although awkward to cock and only a single-shot. But if you like putting holes in pieces of paper it's kind of perfect.
Initium/Finis will be playing at HERE.
Somebody put up a web page for Jill Sprecher. There's not much on it though.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

More More Moriarty

I felt you might be low on pictures of Moriarty's collar so I made sure to capture one more for you.
The red button hole on Sherlock's coat is a nice touch too.

You're welcome.


Is there anything to not love about this show?
Sure, it doesn't blow my mind like that first season of Game of Thrones or the Blade Series. But it comes close. In some ways it comes closer to Community meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Is anything even theoretically more awesome than the collar on Moriarty's jacket? There's even a blog about Moriarty's fashion. Let's get one thing straight. I want that collar on a jacket. Am I clear now? Good. Moving on.
I thought you might like a closeup of the collar. Note that Sherlock has grabbed Moriarty by the lapel to the collar is scrunched up a bit. You can see how it normally hangs in the medium shot above.

And then?

Shortly after the robots took over we ended up with the new Laws of Robots which some[who?]presumed was a deliberate take on Asimov's "Laws of Robotics".[citation needed].
I mean, it was written in such a vague way. And what Supreme Court was going to interpret it?
Humans shall have decent living environments with enough space, good food, companionship, areas for exercise, and areas for privacy.

Apparently the robots themselves were going to interpret that.[clarification needed] 

You know, people ask me all the time about the introduction of the potential energy detectors. It's somewhat fuzzy in my mind because the POETs (POtentialEnergydeTectors) were introduced very slowly. The robots didn't just come out and one day say "We have POET technology, don't try to sneak bombs onto mass transports or we'll find you." Over a period of some years it just became common knowledge that the government had a grip on what was going on bomb - wise. People would try to sneak the ingredients for bombs or guns or whatever onto orbital shuttles or whatever and they'd always get caught.
So I don't know. I'm sure we can look up the first reference to POETs but I suspect by then it had been quite some time since the last successful terror attack took place. I suppose if you got a mob together you could use knives or short machetes or something to attack people but then you've got people, like me, who are shielded and can fend off anyone who tries. So. Well, that's that then isn't it.

There Are So Many Things I Don't Understand

Like why isn't the Walther OSP the standard for police guns in the future? Don't you want Blade Runner teams issued with these in order to take down runners and/or replicants with blinking palm-flowers?
Is it because they're un-holster-able? I mean, just look at these things. They look awesome. The art department is going to pick one up and say "we're done".
The Olympics even changed the rules of their 25m event so you can't use these particular guns anymore. So you'd think that this older style would come down in price. And you know there's an airsoft version. Somewhere.
I don't much like normal pistols although honestly I've never shot a .22 pistol. I imagine they're a lot less obnoxious than a 9mm. And I bet these competition pistols are downright comfy.
The other rude thing about pistols is even .22 short ammo ain't cheap. I wasn't even aware until today that there's a 10-meter air pistol competition in the Olympics. Really.
And (when we're talking about art department's opinion) the air pistols look even cooler.

Dig the Steyr too.
Lastly, a few Morini.
Morini air pistol.
Morini CM 84E .22 caliber "free" pistol.
Morini CM 22M .22 caliber "sport" pistol.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Ophelia, You're Breakin' My Heart

We got a new computer today. A 2.7 GHz i7 with whatever animal Apple named their latest operating system with.
My dad gave me the monitor he had which absolutely would not work and always looked terrible. And, of course, for me it works just fine. Note that I'm using a Mac with DVI instead of VGA. Maybe that's the difference? Who knows? Anyway, that saved me a few hundred bucks and it's right pretty.
Ophelia the new generation Mac Mini.
I've come up with some rules for computers. This is by far not a comprehensive list, but it's a nice start.

  • Keep stuff off the desktop. Be very minimalist with the desktop and keep it uncluttered. Most of the data is going to want to go somewhere very specific so you can find it easily. 
  • Don't let your browsers put files in your "downloads" folder. That's a stupid place for stuff to go. You'll lose the files and they'll eventually start taking up way too much room.
  • Don't use Safari. I don't know why but Safari is just messed up on all of my Macs. So avoid it. We never have problems with Chrome or Firefox. Heck, I'd rather you used Opera than Safari. Just delete that program from the dock.

There. Those are my rules for today. Downloading Gimp and Blender. O! that there were an open source Final Cut and AfterEffects. What a noble mind is here o'erthrown.

Monday, July 02, 2012

All About Me

So. Therefore. Here in the Pandora Machine we're doing paperwork on Android Insurrection and Earthkiller. Also, editing picture on Prometheus Trap and also creating visual effects for it.
Here is Drew Bellware with Rebecca Kush making bunny ears behind his head. Or trying to at least.
I'm a Secret Santa for Reddit Arbitrary Day 2012. I have a Reptar toy and a guitar tuner is on its way. And today one of our office mates (a catering company) got Mexican food catered and offered it to everyone. Yummy. See? All. About. Me.