Sunday, May 12, 2024

Imaginous Dumpiteritude

 I'll just leave these here.

This is my modification of this meme. I think this meme is hilar.

I dunno what this is or what's up with it but it was on my desktop.

I used to religiously send this to everyone on Facebook until I got too many complaints about using old material. 

My highly-skilled drawing of a moose. 

This was me in probably 1980 or possibly 1979 in 10th Grade at Metuchen High School. 

Fun brid.

This is my drawing of a "bunny tank". I don't remember why, I had some Internet reason for drawing it.

I think this is a 30 Rock joke.

This is a power plant background image Ian Hubert made. 

I made a conspiracy theory.

Thursday, May 09, 2024

New Comedy Album


Live at the Regulators Palace It is neither "live" nor an "album" nor "comedy" for that matter. But it's what I've got.