Monday, August 29, 2011

Tell Your Friends

If you're one of the hundreds of producers who lost your last performances of a Fringe show this weekend because of the hurricane and you want to do those shows, call Theatresource and get yourself a Development Series show.
The way our Development Series works is different for different days of the week. If you're doing a weekend show then normally you guarantee $450 of ticket sales. Then MTS takes all ticket revenue up 'till $600 and then you get anything above that. If you have a sold-out show of 50 seats at $18 a ticket you can walk home with a clean $300. (50 seats are $18 a piece or $900. If you sell 25 seats then you can paper the house or do whatever you like but MTS will take the door and we'll call it even.
It's a pretty good deal. Ain't nobody else offering it.
That's right, do theater without putting money up-front and have a chance at making some cash at the end of the night.
What could be even better than that?
How about this: you get more than the 30 minutes the Fringe gives you for tech.
But wait! There's more!
The numbers I'm quoting above are the higher numbers for a weekend show. We have lower minimum guarantees on other nights. And we hold a special place in our hearts for Fringe people who lost their shows.
So look, I'm not offering this officially. Call or write or come on down and visit our General Manager Jill and work out a deal.
Make some theater!

Just Like Big Brother

Here I am with my stepmom. People say to my sister: "You look just like your mother!" My sister says "Yes I do, and that's not my mother." Big yuks all around.
This is the moment of discovery that is finding one has a web camera built into one's monitor.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Wracked Your Show?

What's important and what's making a big difference right now is the fact that all the Fringe shows this weekend were cancelled. And that's really hard on the producers. It was the last weekend of Fringe and so typically all those shows get sold out.

Those are the shows that all your relatives and friends who were waiting to see your show were going to go to.

Many producers are taking a bath on these shows.

So you're saying to yourself, "How can I help?" or "What can I do?"

I'm not precisely sure yet. But I'll tell you what can't hurt. If you need to do a couple nights of your show -- call up Manhattan Theatre Source and see what kind of deal you can make. If you can sell out a couple shows, we have a space for ya.

Not that I'm not saying this "officially" but rather as a friend of Theatresource. Give 'em a call. Talk to our new GM, Jill. She's in from 1pm to 7pm Monday through Friday. She won't bite!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marry Me

Emily Plant's spoiler-filled critique of Cowboys and Aliens is pretty spot-on.
One Red Cent Trying to Make Sense is a really well written blog by a sitcom stand-in. I'm nominally against using standins myself, but if you're really going to use them you should have pros. Anyway, her writing style is really amusing and witty. Unlike, say, mine. ;-)
You'll be surprised to learn this artist has a Deviant Art page.

$512,449 Created by GiftRocket online gift cards

Friday, August 26, 2011

I made the front page!

How that happened with... 7... votes... I'm not exactly sure.
But yes. I'm very, very proud of myself.

More than anything you want to know where the manual to the Proxima 5600 video projector is. It's here. The trick to turning it off seems to be that there are TWO sets of fans. So you turn it off and a minute later the really loud fans go off. But the other fans are still going when you flip the switch on the back of the thing. So there.
You might also want to remember that in order to move files from one drive to another on OSX you have to hold the "command" button while dragging

Press this button to make everything OK.

Winter is Coming. Or at least a hurricane is.

I honestly don't understand why anybody thinks they're going to shoot any werewolves with a handgun. They're much too fast for that. If you're close enough to get off a shot with a handgun, you're going to be a goner.
We have had a severe werewolf problem here lately at Theatresource. The only thing we've been able to use to stop them is a high-powered rifle with a night scope and silver-filled bullets fired from the second-story window.

Now, of course, everyone is issued 12-ga double-barreled shotguns (with silver shot) in case a werewolf gets inside, naturally, but until now we haven't had to go to those extremes. I mean except for that one night when Maduka was here and had a small werewolf get into the janitor's closet. But Maduka just snarled at it and it ran away.
This turned into a post about Maduka. I don't know how that happened. Nor do I know why this still is on the desktop. 

You know, I should probably inquire of my dad, who is a metallurgist, about the best way to make silver bullets and shot.

Project London has a list of blogs and news outlets to send movies and press releases to.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Delivered Again

Well whew, I delivered Earthkiller again.
I finally saw Predators last night. By far it's the second-best of the Predator movies. I recognize the battle for second place in that series is a pretty low bar.
The only thing I thought strange was that the music seemed to be mixed very low.
I made a new page of the wiki on dialog continuity.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kitten Huffing

It's a scourge.

Donate to Theatresource

Yup, there's a fundraising drive at Theatresource!

The first five thousand dollars of donations will be matched 1:1 by members of the Board of Directors. Just go here and party down! Five bucks becomes ten bucks. Fifty bucks becomes a hundred! You can't afford NOT to donate!

And what will you get?

We have a theater with a focus. We have a new general manager -- Jill (you should stop by and meet her, her hours are 1pm to 7pm Monday through Friday). Next month we're doing Vinnie Genius where our pal Vincent Marano is taking on a whole month of producing (and Tyrannosaurus Mouse will be playing as part of a benefit!)

Donate now, it's a two-for-one offer!

Mac Rogers makes Huffington Post!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beleaguered Castle

Source Code is the kind of movie that has a perfect script. In fact, the director of a feature like this is largely irrelevant. The writer is a dude named Ben Ripley.
The screenplay is brilliantly conservative. There are arguably three sets: the train, the control room, and the "capsule". Other than that there are a few exteriors, maybe a train station, etc. It doesn't matter -- it's an action film written like a stage play. Or maybe that's the other way around, a stage play that's an action film.
It is very well acted. I particularly liked Vera Farmiga as the Captain.
And I have an apostasy to pronounce upon it. One for which I am sure I shall be forced at gunpoint to write a Confession and Recantation but:
Source Code is better than 12 Monkeys.
And I'm a huge Terry Gilliam fan. And my buddy Ernest Abuba is in 12 Monkeys.
But the script to Source Code is just so good it doesn't matter. My only question about the picture is the name. "Source Code"? To me it doesn't even make sense after having watched the movie. But the movie is nigh on perfect. And what were they going to do? Call it "Beleaguered Castle?" Yeah, I didn't think so. ;-)

My Three Things Today

From the "Blog No One Sees":
Hey filmmakers, free advice: If you need more than 30 seconds of narration to set up your movie, your script sucks.
I don't understand unicode. I'm sure it's not terribly complex. Yet for whatever reason, I don't understand it. For instance, I don't understand when it appears sometimes, in some browsers, and not others. I'm sure it has to do with what fonts are loaded. Or something.

Lasting Art at 101 W. 28th Street is where you get your fake fruits and vegetables.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


The movie The Mechanic, the remake with Jason Statham, comes shockingly close to being a good movie. It's not one, but it comes oh-so-close.
Weirdly, every ten minutes it becomes a new, different movie. And then there are large swaths of the picture where one is saying "who's movie is this?" Meaning "Which character is the main character?"
For a long time it seems like it's Ben Foster's movie.
I bet there was a conversation at one point that Ben Foster's character be Jason Statham's character's love interest. Which would have been... interesting.
But the thing the movie does repeatedly is lose all conflict. The main character will go a couple scenes without any conflict. I counted 4 occurrences of loss-of-conflict. Which is really deadly.
The ending too was unmotivated. A slow, slow, burn to wait, why did he do that?
Cat Stevens' ex.
That brings us to everyone's favorite blog post of the moment: Disney Exec Says Tentpole Pictures Are About Spectacle, Not Story.

Books to Read, Baby Owls to Look At

Professor Meredith Neuman recommends I read:
Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy

The Coquette -- Hanna Foster (published by Girlebook Classics!)
Charles Brocton Brown -- Wieland
Melville - Typee
The Life of an Amorous Man --

Friday, August 19, 2011

Three Things and Two Otters

Slutty Storm Troopers is a site which is, as you can tell from the name, awesome. And not safe for work!
Brian Schiavo's LifeForm has completed 8 days of principal photography. Our man David Frey is DP. Are you under the impression Brian is not going to be filming in my apartment? I'm not under that impression at all.
John Scalzi makes notes on arguing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The things -- the THINGS!

Google says it looks like my blog is popular and I should monetize it with AdSense.
Chance says I should blog about Asian Fishing Cats. But I would never do anything like that.
Liz Lerman has a process for criticizing work. The New York Neo-Futurists use it.
BackBlaze might be a good backup service.
NPR actually thinks this Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy is one of the best sci-fi books ever written.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Better For Writers

Last night I had a discussion with one of the founders of Theatresource regarding the difference between a theater producing new works versus doing (y'know) some old dead dude's play.
My argument:
Doing original works is better because:
Of all the different groups we serve: actors, writers, directors, and even the audience, we cut out a group (writers) when we don't do original works.
Original works are better for grants and funding in the future.
His argument:
When you do a work everyone knows, they talk about the design, the acting, everything about it; when you do an original work they just say they liked the play.

That's actually a pretty good argument in favor of doing plays by old dead dudes. Certainly in the short term it's a better argument because you'll make more money this year, not some year in the future. If you wanna get butts in seats do 12th Night, know what I'm sayin'?
And getting butts in seats is a major goal of ours. But his argument goes one further than that: for the director and the actors and the designers, doing some old dead dude's work is better than doing new work. It's not, obviously, better for writers. But it's better for everyone else. And, arguably, because it's easier to get people to come see, say, 12th Night, it's better for audiences too. I mean unless "better" for audiences is something that's hard to get them to do, sort of your Aunt Mabel's idea of Cod Liver Oil.

So I'll just pretend those arguments don't exist. Look at all the awards folks we know are nominated for!

Cost more done

What costs $645.06? Duping two videotapes from a Quicktime movie to a pair of tapes -- NTSC and PAL DigiBeta -- sent via 2-day UPS to California.
Are you low on characters in the alphabet when writing English. Heck, everybody is. Get some more. (That's via... er... someone. I don't know. It was a tab open in my browser which I can now close.)
The Earthkiller station in... Earthkiller.
I don't care what I've done on this screenplay. Whatever it is today will be called "finished". That doesn't mean there won't be changes in the dialog or things to make it more logical, but the scenes will be locked.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Three Things

Tom's Hardware actually likes IE9.
I'm experimenting with Electric Sheep. It's a psychedelic screen saver made by this dude.
I'm making sure Amelia only has one dragon. I'm tying up the story of her brother and her dad. And figuring out how Sebastian plays into all that. I'm either on page 63 of 84 or actually on page 84, it's hard to tell. We'll end up at 90 pages when this is done but it looks to me like the false victory happens on page 60 which means this should really be a 120-page movie. Or I cut 15 pages from the beginning of the movie and shove those in the end. I don't know. My brain has melted.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The TV Series

It's a police procedural. With young police officers in a specialty division: the VH division. That's for "Vampire Hunter" division.
Like Rookie Blues meets the X Files on U.S. Marshal street.
Deputy Marshal Jeremiah is a Texas sheriff
And this is Dolphin Hitler.
His lead detective is much older than she looks, and she's a vampire.
Under him are detectives and junior officers with different skills at finding, capturing, and killing, the undead.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Page 57

I'm on page 57 of this rewrite. I feel like I'm catching a cold because of the thing where you get sick after doing something which took up a lot of emotional and physical energy. In this case it was getting Earthkiller out the door to the lab.
Of course, the lab could call tomorrow and tell me I've got a problem.
I'm hoping they don't do that.
Anyway, I have this girl-with-a-crossbow script. It's 81 pages right now. We're about to go into the fourth dragon-battle scene. How exactly are we going to shoot this again?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fifth World Problems

This is my favorite page on the Internet today.
Laughing, laughing, reticulating splines. Arboreal conundrum.


Every once in a while I get a real hankerin' for some vegan food. Or at least vegetarian that's low on cheese. And one of my favorite places to go for that is the MacDougal Street Hummus Place. I know, it's a chain, and it's absurd to think the one on MacDougal is somehow better -- but that's just the way it is.
Or was.
I was having one of my hummus-oidial cravings today and walked to the fun little Israeli-run Hummus Place to find it is... closed.
Oh. No.
I didn't just want a hummus plate with delicious bread. I needed it. Craved it with my very soul.
And now they are gone.
I have since written to my Congressman. Protested in the streets. Conducted a hunger strike (until finding a Mexican place on Bleecker at least.)
This is the Most. Terrible. Thing. That's ever happened.
Weep for me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sund Sund Sundrical!

  • I found myself cleaning the bathroom at Theatresource today. There can be only one explanation for this behavior -- I'm trying to avoid work. 

Well, that and the fact the sink was really gross.
But the cold hard reality is that I clean when I don't want to do stuff.
Today's stuff I don't want to do is finish a screenplay and get the deliverables of Earthkiller out the door.
The quality control check for the movie found a couple of "holes" in composites. We found an extraneous bit of dialog (for which we blame Nat Cassidy because... because it's my blog and I can blame him for whatever I want on my blog. Oh, by the way, his play The Eternal Husband is playing a the Fringe this year, you should come see it. It stars the exciting and vivacious Karen Sternberg who is in Battle: New York, Day 2 and is stage-managed by the Martian Queen).
In the meantime I'm waiting on renders.

  • We have a new General Manager at Theatresource. Stop on my and meet Jill!
  • Brian Schiavo is shooting a new picture. It stars our lovely (and yet monsterous!) Virginia Logan. Check out stills from the first weekend of shooting.

Monday, August 08, 2011

My Three Things Today

My especially photogenic buddy Chance is interviewed in Birmingham Magazine.
My cousin is a chef at Stir NYC.
There's a multi-media book for the iPad called, simply, Music. Ooh! Look! The Classical Period is free!

Sharon Fogarty

Sharon Fogarty, whom I've secretly been in love with for 11 years, has her play "Speaking to the Dead" published by Indie Theater Now. Sharon has consistently made some of my favorite theater ever -- full of magic and a dark kind of beauty which will haunt you.

Women of Tu Na House

My buddy Ernest Abuba is directing a show for the Fringe Festival at Manhattan Theatre Source this August. It's called The Women of Tu-Na House. I can't wait to see it.
This all means, of course, that Theatresource is a Fringe venue this year. This is the second time we've been a Fringe venue. Basically, we take a bath on being a Fringe venue because they don't nearly cover our rent and expenses. But it's very easy for us because the Fringe takes care of dealing with the production of all the shows.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


Sometimes I post things for my sister to look at. The Cicada Princess, via Kid Schlocko.

Cicada Princess from Mauricio Baiocchi on Vimeo.

I wouldn't give 'em any money. But the work is kind of neat.

The Best Site on the Internet

What is the best site on the Internet? This one.

Fun Facts

You can log onto MySpace using Facebook login. This amuses me.
So this list of words most-looked-up from the New York Times is kinda awesome. But they didn't give the definitions in the article? Waaa!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Ethiopia, Mistakes, and Children

Zoma is my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in New York City so far. I like Makeda's injeera a bit better -- I feel the injeera tastes better on the bottom of the dish at New Brunswick, NJ's Makeda's. But the doro tibs and the kitfo at Zoma are particularly delicious.
Still, nobody beats Makeda's gomen wat.
My elder brother persuaded me to read two books. I ordered them from the library. I got the title of the first book wrong: instead of "A Short History of Nearly Everything" I ended up with "A Brief History of Everything". This was unfortunate. I started reading it and I was all like "my brother is an idiot if he thinks this book is any good". It's just some evolutionary psychology nonsense. The author, some bozo named Ken Wilbur things there's no way wings could have evolved. So although he's no "creationist", he doesn't really understand evolution.
Anyway, that was mistake number one.
Mistake number two was that I got another of my brother's favorite books: "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" even though I'm incredibly prejudiced against it because of this withering review in The New Yorker. But I ended up with the children's version of the book. Same title. Same author. Derp!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Theatresource in the News

Updated because I'm dumb at we have 3 plays nominated, not just 2.
So, we have two three original plays nominated for IT Awards this year. That's kind of a big deal.

Original Short Script
Vincent Marano, My Baby, Ingenius Short Play 
Vinnie is a great guy and he's been improving my taste in Whiskey. He's also a brilliant playwright.

Solo Performance
Nat Cassidy, Things At The Doorstep: An Evening of Horror Based on the Works of H.P. Lovecraft, Manhattan Theatre Source, Greg Oliver Bodine, and Nat Cassidy

Nat Cassidy and Greg Bodine are both awesome.

Actress in a Featured Role
Lauren Roth, Billy Carver and the Children in Mind, OptiMystics

This was a Montserrat Mendez show. 'Twas great.

And it's just fantastic that two three, count 'em, two three Theatresource shows are nominated for awards.

But hey, there are more awards here. Let's take a look at a couple of them:

Performance Art Production
(un)afraid, New York Neo-Futurists
Sound Design
Christopher Loar, (un)afraid, New York Neo-Futurists

Ask yourself: what do all of the above shows have in common? Why, they were all stage-managed by the Queen of Mars. Indeed. (Billy Carver was not stage managed by QOM.)

Looks to me if you want to be nominated for an IT award, you better hire the QOM as your stage manager. She's only $3000 a day (plus expenses.)
Oh but hey, I can't not mention this nomination too:
Heather E. Cunningham, David Ian Lee, Matthew Semler and Kristen Vaughan, Benefactors Retro Productions

David Ian Lee has been in our last three pictures and he wrote (with Nat Cassidy) the movie Android Insurrection.