Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Things to know.

 How this does, and does not, apply to video games.

One might reasonably presume that dramatic "moments" do not occur in video games as such. 

The direct analogy for a dramatic "movie" in a videogame is, of course, the "cutscene." Outside of the cutscene, however, the player controls the moments in well-designed and well-written music in a videogame. 

Moments in the game, which is typically attached to the player entering into a specific physical area of the game, can be revelatory in a story sense (seeing the "Big Bad" for the first time) or in an emotional sense (discovering the entrance to the golden cave), or even in formative (you can ride whales here.)

A post-sound workflow.

Sometimes you need just a white, black, or blue screen. Whitedisplay. I'm not proud. I've used it as fill light.

Streamyard is a multiple participant video-production software which you can use for webcasts and panels and such.