Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Et More

Here's the whole gang doing a snippet of the dialog in Earthkiller (in German). You want to buy a copy? Look here. You may need to get a used version to convince them to ship it to you.
Here's Katie Hannigan in German:
Here's Sarah-Doe Osborne in German: Here's the whole gang in Android Insurrection in German: Here's a scene with Sarah-Doe Osborne in Android Insurrection in French: And lastly here's the gang in Android Insurrection in French:

Many Languages

We speak many languages here in the Pandora Machine. They are mostly the languages of Love, but in this particular case we have some snippets of a couple movies in German and French.
Joe Beuerlein and Rik Nagel in Earthkiller do it (I mean "do it") in German.

I'm continually blown away by the quality of the performances in the lip-sync versions. The distributors do a really top-notch job. The one thing I don't want to do is irk our distributors, which is part of the reason I deliberately made crappity handheld video of the scenes posted here. Here's the lovely Greg Bodine in German: Here's David Ian Lee being a psychopath, but you know, in German. It's also sort of astonishing how well they match the voices to the characters in these movies. Kari Geddes makes an excellent German. And here's the whole gang in German: I really think the distributors did an excellent job with this.

Soon and What

I love the color change between daytime and nightime in this video:

I expect you'll need to click through to embiggen the video above.
You know, I'm not 100% on-board with the fantasy of having a digital camera with "through the lens" viewing with the eyepiece. Now, I totally understand why a fellow might want such a thing.
But I find that I do a LOT of shooting (for instance) the sun, lasers, other stuff that would instantly blind me if I didn't have the protection of a tiny TV in my eyepiece.
But I do want an end to rolling shutter artifacts. The Sony F55 uses a shutter which presumably eliminates rolling shutter artifacts.
I realize I'm the odd duck here, not wanting to be able to look through the lens without a closed-circuit television between me and the image. But I shoot lasers and the sun a lot. And I've gotten very used to being able to do that without hurting myself.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oofly. Then

Shooting, even doing the relatively short days we do, just tuckers me out. By the end of the day I'm I pile of lazy fur.

The New York Times updates this map regularly. Right now there's a 66% chance of tropical storm force winds in New York City in the next five days.

Rainmeter is a customizable thing for, you know, stuff.
Real-time notes on a script we're reading:
How do we get a shot of the POV robot looking in the mirror? Just... how do we do that? Composite a face into the mirror?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Spam, Roosters, and Me

I finally gave in and donated $35 to the Obama campaign. Does this mean I'm going to get hit with even more Obamaspam? Oh I hope not.
Last night went with cousins to The Red Rooster. Up until now my favorite soul food place anywhere in the world was Soul Flavors. And I'm not saying The Red Rooster is better, but I am saying those two places are in the same league. It's really good.
Apparently I'm supposed to intersperse pictures of cute animals and naked people on this blog. The audience gets really agitated if I don't post correctly.
You know what there aren't enough of? Pictures of me on my blog(s).
 No, there just aren't.
Much better.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Screenings and Thingings

We screened Prometheus Trap at the Gibson in Williamsburg. I had my cousins Kelly and Roger down from Canada, my cousin Jaime-Jin (who had played violin on the soundtrack) and my niece Julie. It was like family day!
Also, the always brilliant Chance Shirley made it all the way up from Alabama. Wow, people came from Montreal and Birmingham! Boy it helps to do these things in a city of such size that people want to visit anyway.
OK. So you have to read this obituary all the way to the end. (H/T to Marcie).

Today's goal is to make all the contracts and the schedule for the first day of shooting Dragon Girl (which takes place on Sunday the 21st). I got the schedule. Contracts may need to wait until tomorrow.

That's Some Good Service

I ordered a Tshirt from Cafepress and I ordered a small. I, of course, cannot actually wear a small.
So I got the shirt, realized that even if I were in 6th Avenue shape I wouldn't be able to wear it, and wrote to them saying "Derp. I either ordered the wrong size or I was accidentally sent the wrong size" (I couldn't actually tell at the time but since then I've become assured by looking at my original order confirmation that it was my fault.)
And CafePress is sending me a free XL shirt instead. I don't even have to send back the small I've got.
When you get customer service like that you're supposed to blog about it. So I am.

Symphony, Peddler, Obfuscation

The Apogee Symphony is only two thousand bucks for 2 in and 6 out. That's a pretty good price actually. If you want some decent A/D and D/A conversions that looks to me like the way to go.

The Tune Peddler -- low cost production music. H/T to Jeremy Crowson.

Wait. What kind of guitar is that? ;-)
This just looks like the kind of crappy "put some gaffer's tape on the Gibson logo" that we'd do.

Gratuitous snugly and colorful birds.

There is zero reason to read anything below this line.

Get to Billings:

I got six charges:

tangler -- tied up some punk kids doping on muscle.
needler -- six punters outside the monorail station
nitro -- used on Chinese mechanized combat drone
-- and homer. 
  • Tangler produces a large sticky web of material which entangles and immobilizes anything it comes into contact with; it can be dissolved by regular police with special gear. It is used for capturing fugitives alive
  • Ripper an antipersonnel round similar to a hollow-point or hydroshock round. It is quite lethal.
  • Needler a round that breaks up into dozens of deadly needles. A type of flechette round.
  • Nitro a round with a high explosive warhead.
  • Vapor a tear gas round.
  • Homer a heat-seeking "smart" bullet. It homes in on evading targets with a temperature of 98.6 degrees. The charge kills the target by electrically burning out every nerve in the body. The homer can be decoyed by another warm body stepping in front of it.
Plus another full load in my belt.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Speech Fragment

Hello. I'm the military attache' for... well I'm here at the behest of your government actually. There are a number of (I believe the saying goes) "hoops we must jump through"? Yes. Certainly.
I will accept that I do find it quite confounding that you humans — you are all humans, right? I want to make sure I'm talking the right language to the right audience here — you humans actually use explosives to hurt one another?
I was at the Aberdeen range test firing some guns with your... paratroopers? I'm sorry what was that?
Joe Chapman's design work for Earthkiller.
Ah, yes, "commandos" is the word. They were quite fine gentlemen, they knew quite a bit about your technology and your military history.
Allow me, for the benefit of my own comrades, briefly explain the technology the humans are using. Basically it's a small amount of explosive that propels a bit of metal down a tube. The tube is rifled so the bit of metal starts to spin. Once the metal is spinning it exits the tube at just above or just below sound speed on Earth at sea level. The spinning is an attempt to stabilize the flight of the bullet.
Let me turn back to my friends from Earth. Yes my colleagues are a bit shocked. I don't believe we've used anything that wasn't laser based in a very long time. I think the humans will need to teach us much about shooting these, they're ballistic now aren't they?
Heavy too. Guns. It's somewhat surprising how effective they are when gravity and wind affect their accuracy, no? Well it is to us.
I mean I'm no longer a military man by profession but in my day I'd easily taken out targets which were hundreds of ... miles or kilometers? Which do you prefer? Ah, that's fine, nearly a thousand kilometers away using radar scopes and a quad bore enriched laser cannon.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Incoherent and Hostile

I totally forgot to make fun of this. Someone anonymously posted to this blog in this post:
Anonymous said...
are you really a screenwriter? " we might perhaps do well to look into why they might say something suchwise."? you should go back to school dude 9/11/2012 04:54:00 PM
To which I replied likewise:
Andrew Bellware said...
1. Nope
2. This is how I talk
3. Quit yer complainin'
4. Never went to school nohow
 Also I win in the reddit game.
Dave Frey recommends Natrapel for bug repellent.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

My Dad Does Not Understand These Posts

One word for you: "estoppel". The legal aspects of Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown.
Recently it has come to Our attention that there are those who do not respect my authority as the reigning monarch. This causes Us consternation and confusion. Can ye not see Our kingly ways? I formally declare the insanity of those who do not recognize Our throne.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

47 Years Later I Learn to Spell Her Name

More information about the Union Jack than you ever wanted.
The new Russian handgun is called a Swift.

This is the sort of thing I usually post to Facebook but with a headline about the owl's political views.
Photoshop Etiquette. I think this would amuse my sister Jeanne. H/T to Chance.

Internets of Mac & Ben

Is it a Jewish Holiday? Click and see.
The whole of the internet in a single image.
Mac Rogers on science fiction plays.
Ben Jaeger-Thomas' rocumentary of The Pyramid Scheme.

Downfall: The Pyramid Scheme Story from Ben Jaeger-Thomas on Vimeo.