Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meydl Loves Public Access

Meydl will sit and watch the public access channel at my parent's apartment complex for a much longer period of time than you would imagine.
BONUS: just look at her little feet!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

You Need My Notes

So I'm watching Modern Family on Hulu (because apparently I'm not going to be touching any scripts or mixing or doing anything useful this weekend) and the first thing that struck me is that the show is not "lit funny". There's this old idea in TV (and it maybe came from movies) that comedies have to be over-bright and everything lit evenly without shadows. Well this show has so many shadows it would make Titian blush.
And I'm sure I'm only one of several thousand people in the world who notice this sort of thing but isn't that a taped-up mic rig right in the center of his chest? Yep, you gotta be a techno dork to care about that. Of course, that kind of costume is somewhere on the order of simply impossible to body-mic. You could try weaving a Countryman lav into the ribbing of the collar but the sound would be pretty crappity because you'd be mic'ing under his chin. So yup, right under the clavicle it goes.
And you know, there's a chance that his shirt actually just folded and creased like that. But my guess is microphone.
Of course, he actually does a 360 where the back of his shirt comes up (immediately after this part of the shot, but in the same setup) and I dunno where they'd have put the transmitter pack. Maybe in a front pocket?
I always hated wiring people up. Clothing noise on lavs is just a bitch. Especially on men wearing tight shirts. Or women with dangly jewelry. Or squeaky leather jackets. Or skirtchy shirts. All of it.

Getting Work Done

I haven't been getting any work done. In fact, time has slowed (or sped up) so much I'm surprised it's Saturday.
I've taken some pictures of cats. Meydl and Iona (who only just today learned that my name, "Andrew", was the name of one of the disciples).
Here's Pushkin and Meydl. Yep. Taking pictures of cats. That's about as useful as I've been.
And hey, I thought about getting some exercise. That's almost just like getting exercise. My doctor will be delighted. Here is Pushkin again atop his chair, with Winston in the seat.
In other cat news: Winston had to go to the vet today to get an antifungal bath. I slept through the adventure my parents went through to get him into a carrier, to the vet's, and into the bath. But when I woke up this morning I thought "Did a cat poop in my bed?"
I mean it smelled terrible. Winnie's bath was apparently in sulphur. Which being that he, a black "basement cat" might find comforting in its hellish way, was pretty vile and loathsome to the rest of us. Even the other two cats seemed worried.
Apparently the poor fellow has a bout of ringworm (which isn't a worm -- it's just a fungus). I said "Couldn't they have just dipped him in tea tree oil?" But our guess is that because a cat is going to lick himself clean, whatever they bathe him in has to be non-toxic to cats.
But whew, did that ever stink up a storm.
Just as horrible as he smelled though, the smell went away in a few hours. Iona figured it was because Winnie slept the day on top of a pile of my dad's sweaters. Hopefully my dad won't realize that.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'll Have a Black and Tan

And more

I seriously haven't done anything at all today. I can't even say I watched TV. Now that's a new low. But I am blaming the cats. Blaming the cats for your own failings is awesome because they, being unable to speak English (I think their native tongue is French), are unable to defend themselves.
Besides, they're mostly asleep.

Vote Vote Vote

Phillip Drawbridge, who worked on Millennium Crisis, is up for Artist of the Month over at Renderosity. Vote vote vote like a baby stoat!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sometimes Cracked is stunningly well-written, in their linkwhoring way. Like this article on things you think will make you happy but won't.

My sister and I have instituted a new policy at our parent's apartment. Now, sometimes we institute a policy and we simply cannot get the parents to continue it. (That seems to be the case of the recycling container my sister put by the front door to prevent a buildup of plastic bottles and junk mail. We're now back to the build up of plastic bottles and junk mail.) But our new policy regarding the cats seems to be taking.

"My" cat, Pushkin, has always been a very fastidious eater. He only likes very small quantities of freshly put-out food. And he will (and always has) just walked away if another animal wants his food. Now normally if a cat were so finicky I wouldn't fuss about it. I'd say "what are they gonna do, starve?" But in Pushkin's case the answer might very well be "yes". He'd lost a lot of weight over this last year and not a vet in the world can figure out what's really wrong with him. His appetite though, now, is pretty good. But again, he only likes small amounts of food -- many times a day.

So the policy is that Pushkin can eat whatever he wants whenever he wants. Oftentimes this means we take a bowl of food and lock him in the bathroom with it (away from the other cats.) Still, he only eats a fifth(?) of a small can of cat food at any time. So we have to feed him a whole bunch of times just to give him enough food for one cat. And the reality is that feeding him enough means drastically overfeeding the other two (very fat) cats.

And I don't care. I'd rather Pushkin got enough to eat (even if really all he'd have to do is sit and eat the food as it's offered to him three times a day by my stepmom) and the other cats eat way too much than to have him go hungry. Yes, he actually gets fed upwards of seven times a day with his "special" meals. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous because if he ate more than a couple bites at a time his weight would be fine. Plus, he could easily kick the ass of either of the other cats if they deserved it. And they do. But he just won't.

Happy Thanksgiving

My dad, who is president of an organization for pilots over the age of 80, is actually complaining about the way these "old codgers"* send email incoherently like a bunch of hyperactive teenagers who can't complete a sentence.

I'm not going outside for the next two days.

Yup. That's how I'm spending my Thanksgiving. 

*His words, not mine.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

There Be Spoilers Here

Spoilers about Warhammer books and about Cherie Priest's Dreadnought and Boneshaker.

So I've been reading these Warhammer 40K books. And so far the ideas have been awesome but the writing has been... terrible.
I mean, how could you mess up a story about a Demon Hunter, a sexy Imperial Assassin, a space-Dwarf, and an interstellar Navigator who has a third eye in the middle of his forehead with which he can see the Warp in space through which he's piloting? Those characters sound really cool. But oof.

So then I started reading Cherie Priest's Dreadnought and I was almost in tears about how well it's written. And heck, it even has a lot of the same stuff in it -- giant walking battle-'bots, zombies (well, I guess there are no zombies in the Warhammer universe but you get the idea.)
Dreadnought is an alternate history where the Civil War lasts 20 years and both sides develop all kinds of very cyberpunk technology. Texas remains an independent Republic. Most of the Confederate States free their slaves (with the exception of Alabama and Mississippi of course.) And the men at the front start using a mysterious drug which eventually turns them into flesh-eating zombies.
But that's not the cool part. The cool part is that right at the beginning the heroine meets Clara Barton. That's awesome.
Now here's a thing about alternate histories and period novels: we're following a particularly independent white woman who's a Southerner (and whose husband fought in a Union uniform and died in Andersonville, the cultural weight of that is not fully explained in the book but if you know some Civil War history it's kind of like saying he was at the Confederate version of Dachau or some such.) And in the book we follow this woman who isn't terribly prejudiced, indeed has sympathies for the North and the South considering her working in a Confederate hospital and having a Union husband. She is working - class. But, y'know, for accuracy the narrator describes different characters as "mulatto", "colored", "chinamen", and even suggests that the heroine thought for a minute the words "house-nigger" to describe a former slave who was a cook.
And boy, those words sure have a lot of cultural weight to them, don't they?
Now, the lead character herself -- she doesn't ascribe to the racist tendencies of many of the other characters (there's a bit of anti-Catholicism in there too. I don't think anyone even mentions the Jews.) And the "narrator" (who is 3rd person) clearly writes from a modern perspective, doesn't use the term "colored" derisively -- indeed the heroine meets people of a wide range of complexions and typically sees the color of their skin as a part of their description literally rather than "racially". Skin is lighter or darker than her own.
And there is a very interesting pair of moments when, as a working - class woman (a nurse) she at first feels "outclassed" by a mulatto woman who is wealthy, and then by a very snobbish (and presumably wealthy) white northern woman.
So one has little doubt about the politics of the author, and indeed the protagonist is shown in a better light simply because of her refusal to buy into the racial politics of the time. Still... there are those words. "Colored" being the most popular.
I thought to myself: OK, so what if you brought a mid-19th-Century African American to 2010 America? First of all you be all like "Hey, we don't say "colored" anymore, we call them "black". To which he'd respond "There is no need to be so rude, sir. I am a "colored" man. A negro. And I am proud of my heritage."
Then you'd have to be all like "No, dude, in the late 1960's, "colored" people took up the word "black" to describe themselves in defiance of the white/colored nomenclature. It's all because of this guy Malcom X you see..."
"If you're going to talk to me, I insist you use a respectful term."
"No, dude, really -- like the President of the United States is black. He wouldn't call himself "colored". It's archaic and considered rude."
"Well when I was your age, a respectful person would never refer to me as "black". "Colored" is the word."
"Oh man, please don't make me teach you how a computer works."
Just then a guy walking up Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn accosts your time-travelling African American, thinking he knows him, with a "Yo niggah! Whassup!"
You just turn away in shame and walk away...
But getting back to my point (maybe I should have another drink first) using "colored", even when historically accurate, just... rubs me the wrong way. I'm not saying it's wrong. And I'm not saying that Cherie Priest wasn't doing the right thing. It just makes me gnash my teeth (metaphorically) for a moment.
And I don't really know what more to think about that.
So here's a bunny with a flower... disapproving...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just Add Zombies

Nat Cassidy is the guest blogger over at NYITA this week and he's talking about horror in theater.
He asked for comments from the public, always a big mistake, so I chimed in with this overly-long response:

Drama is all about conflict. For instance: ghost shows up, tells you that your dad was murdered by your uncle. Instant conflict. (Hamlet).
Or: a bunch of witches tell you that you're going to become king, and all of a sudden you're killing people to become king. There's some conflict! (MacBeth.)
In a way, the horror genre is almost not a genre. What I mean by that is this: take a look at a random zombie movie/play.
When you go see a zombie picture you know that there will be some conflict -- the undead vs the living -- but what you don't know is what the movie will be about exactly.
Will it be about a man trying to connect with his family (The Walking Dead)? Will it be about rampant consumption and capitalism (Dawn of the Dead)? Will it be a comedy about a man who needs to grow up and have a mature relationship with a woman (Shaun of the Dead)?
In fact, almost all stories can be made better by the addition of zombies. Say you have a story about two brothers - one who became a doctor and the other who got busted in college for selling pot. The first brother is the star of the family, while the second brother is the black sheep.
Now they have to reconcile and the black sheep has to earn the respect of his dad.
That's OK, but I'm feeling that the story is a bit of a snooze as it is so far.
But add a zombie apocalypse where the "good" brother works night and day for a cure while the "bad" brother turns out to have a knack for killing scores of zombies and protecting everyone -- and you have a recipe for some strong drama.
With zombies, you have an instantly compelling story.
Sure, the personal relationships of the characters are important. But we're not going to be interested in those relationships until they're put to a stress test. Zombies are great for that. So is a murder mystery (who did it, who's next?) So are the addition of werewolves, ghosts, and vampires. Why? It gives the characters real stakes -- life-or-death stakes.
Can you trust the "bad" brother in the hypothetical play above? Did the "good" brother actually create the zombie virus for the military? Maybe there's a bigger secret -- like the "bad" brother wasn't selling dope out of his dorm room at all but it was the "good" brother who was and the "bad" brother just took the fall for him. Now the good brother lives with the guilt of destroying the other's career and making him look bad in his parents' eyes? And in the meantime they're holed up in an abandoned warehouse with food running low and ten thousand of the undead outside moaning and clawing at the steel doors lusting for their flesh.
THAT sounds like a story I want to hear.
If it were just two brothers talking about their problems in a room... well I just don't care as much.
So in a nutshell, if you have a play with dramatic issues: just add zombies.
This comic has more undead fun.

Rambling 'bout food

There is simply no reason for you to read this blog post. This is exactly the kind of blog post people talk about when they talk about how dumb the Internet is. This is just me making notes while my computer is rendering.
I had a girlfriend once who was adamantly vegan 'till she had health problems. She was nuts*, but not stupid, she tried everything to avoid having to eat meat. But she just couldn't do it and caved in eventually.

Here's a blog about a vegan who found she needed to eat meat. Interestingly, she says that for health reasons she needs meat every day.
I likely have the opposite issue. I should probably eat much less meat. Like maybe "weekends only" or some such thing. I do occasionally go on meat-free days and such, not even so much because I'm deliberately trying, but it just happens that some oatmeal in the morning and some cold sesame noodles (along with Sky's damned hunger-inducing blog tempting me toward hummus) makes me avoid meat.
I'm not ideologically opposed to omnivorism or vegetarianism. It would be nice if factory farms were nicer to the animals who get killed to fill our gullets though. Even the chickens which provide eggs**.

Of course, there's a huge difference between being vegan and vegetarian. If you add eggs and cheese, your diet is vastly different than if you avoid all "animal products" altogether. And there's no way I'd ever swear off goat cheese. The only vegans I've known who were able to resist goat cheese are the ones who never liked cheese to start with.
*Everyone but everyone has ex's who were crazy, so this isn't news to anyone.
**Fun fact, my dad (who was born in 1926) grew up on what we would essentially call an "organic free range farm" nowadays. It was organic because... well... there was no choice. The chickens were free range in that you had to go looking for where they laid their eggs, whether there was some place in the barn some hen preferred or near some fence somewhere. I believe the couple cows they had mostly wandered around the field until being brought in at night. And of course the cows had to be milked every day.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Guardians

Wizard! You Shall Not Pass!
We found out how my dad gets so much work done. He has guardian cats who protect him. Woe to those who dare approach.
In the meantime, Pushkin graciously suffers through a combing from Iona.
Obviously he just hates it. It's nigh on intolerable to him.

Today's comics have something in common.

From Dirk. From the Bug.

Just a Few Minutes

Lots of relatives over the last couple weeks. It's been fun. Apartment likes that sort of thing.

OK, so August is over and all of a sudden we don't hear anything about the Ground Zero Mosque anymore. It's like August is crazy month and the echoes of the crazy get shorter each time. Two summers ago it was all "Obama is a foreigner" and the birther movement, then last summer it was "death panels", this summer it was "Ground Zero Mosque". The birthers held on for almost a year. They were still squeaking when "death panels" came up. But the Ground Zero Mosque movement died out with the falling of the first leaf.

I don't seem to have any hot water. I do, however, have a very cold (and clean) right foot from standing in the shower waiting for the water to become warm. It didn't. I'm gonna wait a few minutes.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Inquisition War

I just finished the 750-odd page Warhammer trilogy The Inquisition War. Oof. It was hard going. Lots of issues with a trilogy of what would otherwise been a fun jaunt with some neat characters. A demon hunter, a dwarf, an Imperial Assassin, and a Space Marine on some adventures. That might have been cool. But... but... well here's a review so I don't have to. Also, the word "grimdark" amuses me to no end.
I "read" part of the book on a road trip where I'd convinced my companion to read the book aloud. She refused, citing the inherent unreadability and overwrought descriptions in every damn sentence of the massive 8-point-type tome. I said "Just read until the homoerotic part."
She stopped on "he kissed his brother" two pages later...
One strange thing is that there are things in the books which are not "canonical" to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. For instance, they've apparently removed the whole race of dwarfs (they call them "squats"). So they made an edition of the books where they replaced that character (who is the most interesting character). But this reprint is the "heretical" text where there are dwarfs in the Warhammer 40K universe.
But I swear if I see the word "lurid" one more time I'm a-gonna choke someone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Find the Meydl

At first when I looked at this picture my sister took of these cats I thought "Oh how funny, it looks like Bernard (or whatever the name of the black cat will be) has a tail like Meydl's -- like he was originally orange and stripe-y and was dipped in ink."
But no, you can actually see all of Meydl in this picture. If you look very closely...

Today's Three Things

Hamster with strawberry.
Today is Eid-al-Adha. You of course realize that religious holidays are mostly important to people who park in New York City due to opposite-side parking regulations. Still, if someone wanted to give me some lamb, I wouldn't object.
Excuse me, but why would we ever listen to economic advice by Alan Greenspan? Can't we all agree he's an idiot? Indeed, it may be almost axiomatic that whatever he's against, we should probably consider doing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Do-Over

If I had my life to do over again, in 1984 I would have made a shot-on-video-to-look-like-surveillance-cameras horror film and then taken the million dollars I'd have made from the direct-to-DVD sales and bought Microsoft shares.
I'm just sayin'.

Quit Your Whining

And balance the Federal budget
. I did.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just to Retain my Reputatation

The First Lady of France for you.

Crazy Brother

My crazy brother Greg went sailing, alone, in the Keys. On a very small boat. He might actually be a Navy Seal. Yeah, I'm going with that. I have no idea. In any case, he did take this picture.

On the Facebooks

O! What a terrible day for me. My publicist must get into full gear to distort, disrupt, and discombobulate the impending social doom I face.
My Cat Heisman trophy.

What do you DO with these things?
I am being sorely and viciously slandered with libels and rude and ignorant lies on the Facebooks. Primarily these photographs of cats are used to indicate that I cavort openly with little orange freak machines.
The second picture -- that might not even be a cat. It could be... a color-corrected lemur, or the bottom of a small fuzzy elephant...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Low on Bunnies?

If you need bunnies.

When will this blog be not safe for work again?

More Cats!

Pushkin with his way-too-serious face on.

Winston/Bernard (or whatever, he's a cat -- he hasn't told us yet) saying "hello!"

Winston looks o'er the luxurious and silly Meydl.
My lovely sister took some pictures of the cats. She's stayin' on top of job number 1!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kill the Black Man

The trope where the "black guy" in a horror movie always gets killed seems to me to be the result of two things. One, we tend to not put black men in lead roles in movies (this has only changed very recently in Hollywood) and usually the leading role is the person who's the only one who's going to live in a horror picture.

So by that logic the "black guy" is necessarily the friend of the lead who will, by dramatic necessity, die. So if you have an ensemble cast in a horror picture, you know "the black guy's gonna get it."

Which is really freaking annoying.

This is, of course, racism. It's not racism that we're going to kill off all the red-shirt minor characters, it's racism because only Will Smith is allowed to be a black man as the lead in a big-budget action picture. Obnoxiously, much of the resistance to having more black people play leads in Hollwood pictures as well as tiny pictures of the likes which we make, comes from overseas buyers who (basically) want big American blondes in their pictures.

A very interesting counter-example to the way African Americans are treated in horror films is the king of all zombie pictures, Night of the Living Dead. Because that picture, even though it killed off the black lead character brutally in the last moments of the movie, is not guilty of racism in casting. The racial weight of the all-white vigilante dudes killing the hero at the very end is very poignant, don't get me wrong. And the ending is dark, dark, dark. But otherwise the "rules" of horror are repudiated by that picture simply because a black man plays the lead. He's the hero. He survives. It's like they killed Captain Kirk at the end of that picture, not some anonymous ensign.

Just the whole notion of casting by ethnicity annoys me to no end. The way we do cast "by ethnicity" is by trying to make sure the different characters in the picture look significantly different from one another so that they're clearly delineated to the audience. You put a couple olive-skinned white guys with dark hair next to one another and one of 'em better grow a mustache or else we're just going to confuse the two of them. Make one of those characters an Asian woman and you're in the clear.

Living Robot God Delusion

Anti Robot Demolition.
The Video Circus Subversive Subliminal Reconditioning Program. Dead animals, strip Russian roulette, and a shocking number of cute kitties are in their videos.

Google. Desecrating the flag.  Probably building an office near Ground Zero...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


How many people are in space right now?
What's the difference between buying a Dell XPS from Dell or from Amazon?
Where are 25 pictures of cats and dogs photobombing one another?

Eergh. My Dell dual-core XPS is dying. When I first bought that machine everyone told me "Oh man, don't get a Dell, their prices are too high." But when I explained what they were selling me and the price it was, everyone shut up.

And that dual-core was nice. It's served us for nigh on 5 years as the main audio computer. Solid, able to handle a lot of effects, and fast. And it was better for audio than my more recent quad-core Gateway cheapo computer (by far).* But eventually all things come to an end and I think my Dell is destined to be lent or donated somewhere.

There are 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Galaxies even exist inside of voids.

I use a great audio program called Samplitude. Somehow I've managed to lose my installation disk for version 11. And although I have the dongle/hardware key, I still need them to send me the software on a disk. But they're getting right on that.

My sister caught Meydl being a royal little pill. Cat.

*The quad-core seemed to be better at rendering in AfterEffects and Blender though.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Today's Three Things

Our Valued Customers amuses me. Just single-panel comics about the people who come into a Boston-area comic book store.
Sarah Palin is actually stupider than you think. No, I know you think she's pretty dumb already. But she's actually more stupid than that.
Glowbar is a wrecking bar/crowbar which... well... it glows. The question is, if we gave one to David Ian Lee, how long would it be until he broke it? ;-)

Today is


The Economist (via New York Times, via Christine Russo) on Obama:

Straightforward bankruptcy is usually the most efficient way to allow floundering firms to restructure or fail. The state should step in only when a firm’s collapse poses a systemic risk. Propping up the financial system in 2008 clearly qualified. Saving GM was a harder call, but, with the benefit of hindsight, the right one.

And for the Economist to say that you know it's gotta be right.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

More Cats

Pushkin and Meydl. Just sitting on the kitchen table. Because there are zero rules when it comes to the cats. Apparently. (My parents will try to have patient discussions with the cats about why they're not allowed on the table. The cats have the expected reaction to these discussions -- that's why they're on the table.)
Pushkin always looks so serious in photographs. Meydl looks as cute and goofy as she actually is.

Friday, November 05, 2010


So there's basically no way my parents will be having fewer than three cats. Once my dad started to refer to Winston as "my little Winnie" we knew it was all over.

Meydl x3

My lovely sister took some pictures of the little orange freak machine.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's Not My Fault

So I'm walking down the street, looking for a little snack. Nothing big, mind you. Just a little snack. And I was stopped at a light in the light drizzling rain and looked up and looming afore me was the enormity of The Doughnut Plant.
It was a complete mistake. Sure, I knew around about where The Doughnut Plant dealt and traded in its wicked craft. But I wasn't expecting it so suddenly, so stealthily, to rise up from the gloom and beckon me with its siren song.
So I figure I'll be good. I'll just order one jelly doughnut. Right? How can that go wrong. I have a will like IRON. I will not be swayed by temptation to over-indulge.

I go in. I order my one jelly doughnut. The guy behind the counter says "You want a peanut butter and jelly doughnut too?"
"No thanks." I try to stay cool and collected while eying the cinnamon buns.
Then the guy who came in behind me starts saying to me "Ooh, the peanut butter and jelly ones are good."
In my head I'm screaming "Yes, yes! Give me one! Will you take a credit card?! Give me dozens of them!"
I blame Sky for putting this picture on her blog.
But instead I say "No thanks."

Yes! I've won! I can overcome temptation. Oh joyous day! I'm gonna walk out of there with only one doughnut and...
Then the guy behind the counter says "Here, I'll give you a carrot-cake doughnut 'just to try'." And he throws the extra doughnut in the bag for me.


Yes, the carrot-cake ones are good too.
I blame Sky's blog. (Do not click on that link if you don't want to become hungry.

I really have to stop posting these

... no matter how much they amuse me.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's My Blog So I'll Ramble If I Want To

High on generic Ambien and top-shelf booze I got some things to say about politics in America.

Firstwise, the Left in America. There is no real left. You Europeans have actual socialists in your parliaments. We have, like, one (his name is Bernie.) Other than him, no socialists.
If you're saying that Obama is a socialist that's because you don't know what a socialist is. I've spent a lot of time in my life thinking about what socialism is and what capitalism is. Is Social Security socialism? "No!" screams all but the most dedicated to the Ayn Rand cult because you'll never get re-elected. But of course it is. It was invented by Communists, for cryin-out-loud. Is that bad? No. It's a good, working, system.

But that's not what my drug-addled state wants to say. No, rather, don't overthink the Republican victory in the House as a "tsunami". Look, Republicans taking the House in the mid-term elections were a given after the super-majorities the Democrats got in '08. Every rational person knew this.

And right now the Democrats still control the Senate and the Presidency. And this President is smarter than you are. How do I know? It's because he's smarter than I am. And there ain't too many politicians who are. "Smart" here is defined as "the ability to predict future events from present circumstances."

Remember the mid-term elections after Clinton became President. Newt Gingrich ruled the Republicans with an iron fist and drove a stake into the Clinton administration with Ken Starr as the engine of the Clinton implosion? Oh wait, remember how all that went? As my dad pointed out there was a sex scandal and the opposing party's leader (Gingrich) had to resign while the President was handily re-elected.

The one thing which Obama has consistently rocked at is staying focused on the future. Not so much interested in putting out fires on a day-to-day basis, his administration has distinguished itself in looking at the long run -- whether that's getting the nomination, getting the election, or getting comprehensive health-care passed. 

Just go to this not-safe-for-work site: What the fuck has Obama done so far?

Moderation is funny


Apropos of nothing, here's a loan calculator.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Things That Amuse Me Volume I

Via Sheldon. I think that as long as I don't caption this you can click to embiggen. Otherwise you'll have to click on the link (that's the text in blue if you're my parents.)

Hacking Ur Facebooks

How to hack other people's Twitter and Facebook accounts from your local Starbucks. Bonus links to extensions which will force https in Chrome and Firefox.
Of course, none of those things will help if you've logged into Facebook on my computer and didn't log out so that when I go to use Facebook I'm "you". If you've done that "you" will start updating with pictures of LOLcats whether you like it or not.