Monday, August 30, 2010

Facebook is My Nemesis

Early this morning I got this message this morning from an old friend of mine via Facebook:

I didn't think much of it, I may have (after checking the URL) actually clicked on the page but I didn't do anything which would actually activate anything (so I thought).
Of course, my friend is not a native English speaker, so the idea he'd use that BS LOLspeak is unlikely.

What's even MORE unlikely is me sending a mass email worded and punctuated like that. So my friend Anthony caught it when "I" had sent the same Facebook message to a bunch of people in my friends list (some of whom I know better than others.)

The obnoxious thing is I can't readily "reply to all" in Facebook to get people to not click on the stupid link*. More insidiously -- this might actually be an official Facebook app.

I hate Facebook. When is that new open-source "Facebook" coming online? The sooner the better.

*It turns out I can, but it's not as crystal-clear as when you do in, say, email.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Meydl In Hand Is Worth

My dad decided to take Meydl off the chair so that she wouldn't jump down and bother Pushkin. Ha!
Putting the cat to bed.
They both really love this chair. I don't know why. Pushkin really disappears into it, Meydl (being orange), not so much.

Meydl gets a bit squirmy.

Because we play favorites around here and ol' Pushkin gets the chair (apparently). I told my dad there was no way he was going to pick Meydl up off that chair ('cause as a cat, she tends to dig in with all four cylinders paws.) But boy, he proved me wrong.

And that's what there is to say about that.
OK, she gets a LOT squirmy. Does that tail even belong to her?
All of this so Pushkin can get some rest without a noisy kitten banging around the place.
The King in repose.

Ridiculous Animals

Pushkin being shy.
These cats get along pretty well now. They sleep near one another and they will play together even though Pushkin is an old man now and Meydl is just a little pipsqueak.
This evening they both ran to the door when I got home. That was fun.
Pushkin has, though, been a bit more off-put of late. He's not as big on jumping in my lap as he used to was. Maybe I don't watch as much TV?
Meydl, Pushkin, Dad, all trying to check email.
The two cats love my dad's desk-chair. They will actually crowd him as he's on the computer.
Meydl pretends she is a squirrel.
They do a reasonable job of sleeping through the night. Six am is another story though. Luckily with my stepmom back from knee rehab and walking with a cane already(!), they bug her for breakfast and not me.

No Need for a Scarf in June

Hipsters only annoy people from Brooklyn, because hipsters are mostly only in Brooklyn.
The Post, which usually isn't good for much, published this amusing chart of things which annoy New Yorkers the most. Can you tell that it's August? Yep, another slow news month.

My favorite quote, regarding hipsters: "They wear those tight pants, flannel shirts, suit jackets, man purses, and there is no need for a scarf in June."

UPDATE: my dad's comment to this was "There are no slow-walking tourists in the Bronx." Ha!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I may have linked this before but here's an article on refoaming speakers. I have this pair of Infinity SM 122 cabinets which a friend gave to me nigh on 10 years ago (and she probably had them for 10 years before that) and the foam has just disintegrated.But apparently you can get foam for these Infinity speakers on eBay. So I'm a-gonna try that for about $20. If it works it'd be awesome.
If you like teh crazy, there's some crazy for you right here.
And before you're done, hipster dinosaurs.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Bugs Me

Here's the kind of thing which irritates be beyond all holy recognition. Philadelphia wants to charge a "business tax" of $300 to bloggers.
Up next: squirrel tax
This is the typical kind of idiotic anti-small-business thinking which goes on everywhere. Note that whether you're a multi-million-dollar company or some poor shlub with a blog about flowers, you get taxed exactly the same amount.
The same is true of virtually all business "licenses". It's just the most regressive kind of taxation imaginable. Personally I think that any business with less than $100K in revenue should simply pay no tax -- not even payroll tax. Make the freakin' State pick it up from big companies that can afford it. So there. Pththth.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do You Like Giraffes?

The millionth giraffe.
How about a million giraffes? Here's the millionth one.

Stripper Spoilers

I know, I know, you're asking yourself "what do the strippers at Ground Zero think about the new 'mosque'?" Well the Wall Street Journal has the answer.

OMG, this is the funniest thing I've seen all day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Even the Bunnies Have No Respect For You

Apparently in the world of medicine they don't prescribe antibiotics for the first few days of having a sinus infection, hoping it'll go away on its own. But my doctor, er, "physician's assistant" says I have a Summer Cold.
Which is, of course, awesome.
Bunny Bronx Cheer
Hungover Owls.

Don't nobody worry. Settle down. I got pants.

Monday, August 23, 2010

28 Days of Dark Nights

They: wait, there were 28 dark nights at Theatresource last year?
We: that's what I hear on the streets.
That's like, what... out of twelve days was dark?
Not quite, but in the ballpark.
But... someone was tech-ing a show or something like that, right?
No, in our definition we mean "dark night" to be "no show, no tech, no rehearsal, nothing booked."
Can I make fun of your blog?
By all means.
Very funny. Well, sure. Now here's the thing, we should have booked all those nights, that was a lot of money lost. We do have an odd business model wherein we absolutely must book every single day except for Christmas. But that's what we have to do.
So uh. What's anyone doing about it?
Well a pretty smart idea came out of the Theatresource Advisory Board: volunteers could, with a certain number of hours, earn a Flopnight... sorry, I'm old... I mean a Development Series night where they could put up a show at Theatresource at no cost to themselves and the theater takes the $18 ticket at the door.
How is that any different from just signing up for a Flopnight... er... Development Series night now?
Well, normally we ask that you guarantee $300 of ticket sales. That encourages producers to actually sell tickets rather than giving them away.
And with the long-term goal of getting producers in the door...
It sort of dovetails into that goal. That's the idea.
It doesn't really do anything for volunteers who aren't actors/writers/producers.
No, you're right about that.
And your take on it?
Ha! Well... considering that we're talking about nights which simply weren't booked anyway it certainly can't hurt. In theory if those 28 nights were half-sold houses of 25, at $18 a ticket, the theater would have brought in over $12,000.
Those numbers are a big high though, aren't they?
Yeah, they probably are.
Not exactly a conservative estimate...
But you'd think that even a more realistic number...
Would be enough to pay rent one month.

Six Trillion Dollars

Six Trillion Dollars?

Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, estimates that it will take 20 years to recoup the $6 trillion of housing wealth that has been lost since 2005. After adjusting for inflation, values will never catch up.

And then:

It made me feel slightly uncomfortable that I'm the person making all the decisions about my life.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

14 degrees

It's a dark night here at Theatresource. Ain't nobody in tech. Ain't nobody got a show.
On Friday we got the studio here below 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time since June. It was a "cool" 78 degrees. But because we had cameras in the studio we decided to start locking the door again instead of having the door open with a fan blowing in (which, coupled with an Internet security camera, is what we've been doing all summer).
So now the studio is up to 92 degrees again. We just can't do that. The hard drives are hating us. We simply must get the temperature below 80 and keep it there.


Mozz Review of Jen and Liz

Montserrat Mendez reviews "Jen and Liz in Love". The show is stage managed by our own Queen of Mars. It's a great 45-minutes of theater.

Things Three

Reddit has a new rule regarding the "Ground Zero Mosque".

Has anyone noticed that Blogger has the worst search function ever? Isn't it ironic that they're all part of Google? And now that I've changed my Blogger address it seems even more difficult to search.

Gmail Backup. I'm using it. I've never had to restore from it so I have to presume it works.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Terminal State

So I'm all caught up with my Avery Cates series. I just finished The Terminal State by Jeff Somers. That dude can write. The entire world of this somewhat post-apocalyptic earth (just slightly in the future) is deep, complicated, and complete.
Cover to the French version of The Electric Church
This latest book is possibly his (Jeff's) most brilliant idea (and one which you could apply to a million different scenarios). The hero gets a full military modification -- similar to the mods in Old Man's War but as with most things Jeff Somers it's very specific. The HUD is brilliant. Maybe I have a thing for nanobot - enhanced military body upgrades 'cause I don't want to work to get into shape and I'd prefer to not fall apart as I get old.
Anyway -- the hero gets his body upgraded with augments BUT there's a failsafe explosive charge built into his brain and his worst enemy has the button and a job for Avery to do. Awesome, right?
Hell, our next movie should be built around that idea.
Actually, there's a slight chance that the cover of the book The Electric Church can be seen in the background of the love scene in Day 2. I'm not sure, I haven't seen the edit yet but I noticed the book was there when we were shooting it. I wonder if we'll have to blur it out? ;-)

My Five-Word Review of Inception

"Your dialog -- it hurts me."

Actually, my other non-spoiler 5-word review is:

"White guys with dark hair."

Which is a surprising review for such a relatively diverse cast.

OK, here's my last snarky one:

"What? No actors with diction?"

I did like the different color-corrections though. Each act looked different but not over-the-top.

Friday, August 20, 2010

You Know Who's Awesome?

Jason Birdsall is awesome.
I lost my Mars Defense Directorate pin on the subway and I told Jason about it and he sent me a bunch of them as replacements. Thanks Jason!

I can has Venus Rises pins.

Three Blogs

Spock and Cat.
You know Spock digs cats. Cats are cooler than that unicorn dog any day. Well, I'm not saying the unicorn dog isn't cool, just that... well Spock's petting a cat. 

Lemme 'lone.

OK, three blogs has seriously reduced the amount of meaningless malarky I post on any one of 'em.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

War is over

... if you want it.

Yep, there will still be US soldiers in Iraq. Probably for the next 50 years. Hope you're over it, 'cause it's the way it's gonna be. And we're still in a "hot" war in Afghanistan. But it sure could be a whole lot worse.

I seem to be all out of bunny pictures. This is exactly the kind of blog post which needs a picture of a bunny.

Update. I added a graph.

Good Theater Lately

So it's the dog days of August and the New York Fringe Festival is happening. Ironically the slowest season for theater is also the busiest time for theater in New York. [The Fringe, unfortunately, doesn't pay nearly enough for Theatresource to make its nut, so although we were "Fringe Central" one year, we've managed to avoid being a Fringe venue since.]
Vincent Marano in Solar Vengeance.

Jen and Liz in Love was first performed at Theatresource. I'm saying that without verifying it, it's possible the show was performed somewhere else earlier, but if I write down that the premiere was at Theatresource then it seems quite authoritative, doesn't it? In any case, I really enjoyed the show. Heck, you don't even need to listen to me, here's a nice web review which says of the play "a small, honestly touching story of love and regret emerges like aromatic steam" 

Our man Vinnie Marano produced.

I also saw The Great Galvani from the Chicago company The Magpies Project. It's a bonkers and nuts show with an ending you totally won't expect but it's one of the most brilliant 30 minutes of theater you'll ever see. C'mon! Bearded ladies! What's there not to like? 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Avoiding Work

Hedy Lamarr
I'm supposed to be mixing Day 2, but where I'm at now involves a lot of ADR and I'm just avoiding it. Sigh.

So KompoZer seems to actually work.I like how Dreamweaver lets you look at the HTML and the WYSIWYG at the same time, which I haven't figured out how to get KompoZer to do, but other than that it seems to be pretty cool.

Soundation Studio is an interesting web-based Garage-Band like interface. You can take loops and sequences and such and put them together.

I just made some radical changes to the design of this blog. Those who read in an rss feed won't (or shouldn't) notice. But hopefully it's a bit more interesting. And yes, I used one of  Blogger's templates.

Better Lucky Than Smart

You're asking yourself "What should I be doing?"
Lucky for you, I have the answer. It's getting yourself down to Theatresource to see Better Lucky Than Smart. It's like Pulp Fiction meets the Coen brothers but with more laughs. I had a great time.

Yes, I made Greg Bodine pose with my favorite prop from the show.
It stars Sarah Doudna, who was in our Solar Vengeance (although she's much sexier in her thigh-high hose and a cute little dress in Better Lucky). And Better Lucky Than Smart was directed by Joe Beuerlein, who was in Earthkiller. Oh look, the intolerably sexy Greg Bodine, who was also in Solar Vengeance (there's actually a picture of Greg and Sarah together from that shoot) produced!
Sexy dames, double - crosses, potty-mouthed kids tellin' off gangsters... what's there not to love? Buy yourself some tickets and have a great time.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Free Markets are Communism

Ooh, look. Reed Coleman is having a  launch party on Thursday October 7th between 7 and 9pm at The Mysterious Bookshop.

I've really been enjoying his Moe Prager series. They're all about being Jewish in New York, the late 70's and early 80's, and lots of making fun of popular culture. What more could you want?

Strindberg and Helium has a new episode, "At the Beach".


And, of course, the Daily Show on the "ground zero mosque".
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Wait, who would have expected that protesters of the "ground zero mosque" would be a bunch of racist thugs? So... surprising.

Alex Epstein on the ground zero mosque and the enemy narrative. I'm not even bothering to put "ground zero mosque" in quotes anymore.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Murphy's Oil Soap is irritating me today

What the heck is the ratio of 1/4 cup to one gallon? 'Cause that's what you're supposed to dilute Murphy's Oil Soap at. Criminy -- and I have a 22oz bottle to put it in.

It's a mouse. On a rose. Sometimes captions are gratuitous.
There's... er. 4 cups to a quart and for quarts to a gallon. Unless they mean Imperial gallons. I'm sure they don't. It's days like this I wish we'd just gone metric for cryin' out loud. So 1/4 of 1/4 of 1/4? That's like, what? A percent and a half? Good grief.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I do like me some Pop Tarts

Although I'm not so sure they deserve an entire store.

Our Republican President*:
“This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable. The principle that people of all faiths are welcome in this country, and will not be treated differently by their government, is essential to who we are.” 
Reason. It's scary stuff.
I don't make a lot of political predictions, but I'm a-gonna make this one. Germany's response to and success with the economic crisis will somehow be used by some old-Chicago-school douchetard to disprove Keynes. Somehow government spending will become not government spending. That's gonna be interesting to watch.
“We’re moving from a conspicuous consumption — which is ‘buy without regard’ — to a calculated consumption,” says Marshal Cohen, an analyst at the NPD Group, the retailing research and consulting firm. 

Wait a minute -- how is conspicuous consumption buying "without regard"? The whole point of conspicuous consumption is calculated consumption. 
*Republican circa 1972, but still.


Click to embiggen.
Today I ordered Jeff Somers' The Terminal State from my local bookstore.
I also ordered Soul Patch by Reed Coleman.

Both of these guys are local authors, actually. I guess it's no BIG surprise that authors would live in Brooklyn and Jersey City.

They're both terrific.
You'd think with the amount I've been blogging I haven't been getting anything done. But it's not true. The more I blog, the more work I get done. I suspect that's because writing notes helps organize me, and it keeps my brain cleaned out so I am being more efficient when I am actually doing stuff.
Plus, I'm probably lying. Who knows? You can probably tell by checking my Twitter feed and if there's just a bunch of haikus about liquor then... oh crap. I'm probably lying.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just a Reminder

For my personal blog, you're at the right place.

For sci-fi filmmaking, go to the Pandora Machine Blog.

And for the rock band, notes on guitars and amplifiers, go to the Tyrannosaurus Mouse Blog.
Oh look. Blogger finally allows captions!
That is all! ;-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ivory Aquino

The darkly voiced and beautiful Ivory Aquino has her performance in Julius Cesar reviewed in the New York Times.

Ms. Aquino’s “Brutus is an honorable man” speech is so moving that I wish it could be the end of the play. (The soothsayer could just pop in quickly to tell us the conspirators’ fates.)

Ivory was in our Alien Uprising.


Help the lovely and intriguing Alana Jackler get on Mad Men.

io9 On It Again

io9 snarks about Clonehunter. My favorite comment is from Briareosdx who writes:
Also, I gotta love the website. It's like "Yeah, this is the pinnacle of 90's web design, and yeah, those are spray painted nerf guns. Deal with it."
Oh, I just discovered something interesting. io9 didn't get this from our press release. Or at least not just from our press release. That's the overseas version of the trailer they've posted. No wonder the commenters are confused by the "Living forever takes less time than you think." tagline.

If Mac hadn't sent this to me I'd never have caught it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More cat!

Need some graphics work done? Check out Enchanted Forest Studios.

Dude, Steven Slater needs your support. Grab a beer, pull the emergency chute, and slide on down.
Pushkin has the ability to look grumpy no matter what he's doing. But I finally got a shot of him squonching his head a bit here.
Sendspace is an alternative to YouSendIt that has larger file limits for free. I may have already mentioned this before.

Cat Needs Saving

If you needed any more proof (as if!) that you need to Save the Cat, here's Brian Schiavo's cat. Desperately needing to be saved.

Update: amusing fact! This cat's name is Pandora.
Total coincidence.

Open Source HTML

So, KompoZer seems to be a Dreamweaver-esque open-source html editor. I have another web emergency where I have to get a gallery up on the site.

Blogger says now that I'm only using 3% of my image space. That's good for five bucks a year. The only real problem I have is that I can't really independently access those images in a practical way as I'm shut out of Picasa because of a photograph which had an Ingres odalisque in the background. No kidding.

Man, I've been having optical migraines today. Swirling lines in my vision. No real pain but it makes it impossible to work...

Pushkin looks in an arbitrary direction.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The August of Theatresource

So wait, there's a financial emergency at Theatresource?
That's what I hear.
Why isn't everyone screaming to the high heavens about it? Isn't that what they usually do?
Well, probably because I'd make fun of them.
I hear grumblings about you, too. Like there's stuff you say that's wrong.
Yeah? Ever hear anything specific about what I was wrong about?
Uh. No.
There's a reason for that.
So wait, what's the deal here?
Well we weren't paying SUI and disability to the State of NY for a while.
Was this when Jim was here?
Yes, and for sometime after.
Just gimme the final number. How much could we be hit with?
Realistically? I'd say you could whine and complain and get them down to about $20K.
Would you bet on that?
Er. No.
That's awesome.
But the best part is that we get to continue to blame Jim for stuff that happened a year and a half ago.
I don't really understand how we could have ever assumed that they weren't employees in the first place.
Yeah, no labor lawyer would have passed that malarky.
What about SSI and State and Federal Taxes?
As far as I know we could still be kittywhumped by them even now for our present "employees".
So what's the Board saying about Theatresource?
That it be closed by January.
I think I've heard that before.
Second verse, same as the first.
What about this new advisory board, what is it saying?
Well, the big problem is that we don't have producers coming in and putting on shows. Back in the day those folks used to be a dime a dozen.
Do they just not exist anymore?
I don't think that's the case, they're just not here anymore.
Why do you think?
Well one really obvious difference between the way the place is run now and the way it was run before (especially under Daryl and somewhat less so under Lanie, but not substansively -- it's just that Daryl was very extreme about it like he was on a Mission from God) is the friendliness toward strangers coming in the door. Leaving the doors closed, keeping it dark during the day, those sorts of things discourage people from coming in, which discourages them from wanting to volunteer or to produce shows.
I heard they said essentially that at the Advisory Board Meeting.
That's my understanding, yes.
And this is all because we're losing so much money by having dark nights -- like dark-long weeks. We've never had that before.
Not 'till the past year. Yeah, under Lanie -- Daryl used to complain that there were dark flopnights. Little did he know how much worse it could be with whole dark weeks.
Dark... weeks? How are we meeting any of our financial obligations this way?
Well, we got a grant for the Writer's Forum but used the money for general expenditures. And then charged the Writer's forum to do their show and come up with a budget.
Oh, right, and there was something else.
We also got some tax money refunded.
OK. So what's the big emergency?
Theatresource didn't pay SUI and disability.
Those can't cost too much.
They don't -- if you file them even remotely on time, but we didn't. So now there's all kinds of penalties.
And that's the number that's between 20 and 50 thousand dollars.
Aye. That it is, son.
Will that mean Ground Up will just move in and take over?
There will be a veritable fire sale. They certainly could. Or someone like them. I don't actually think anyone would know what's going to happen 5 months out.
Yeah, but would they want to?
There's a million dollar question. One issue which has plagued Theatresource is that it's a 50-seat theater in an $8000/month property. We have a lot of what is essentially wasted space in this building -- space which simply can't generate any reasonable amount of revenue.
Except for your studio.
Ha! Yes, except for that.
So, is this "closing the doors in January" thing official?
No, not at all. And of course, even when it is, it isn't.
For the last year the quality of the theater we've been producing has fallen... fallen...
Into the abyss. I know. At least the stuff we produce in-house. We're not very good at the physical act of producing anymore, much less as an arbiter of what should be produced. The Writer's Forum has tried to address that but has been having a very hard time dealing with the Board.
It's been in that place of darkness visible before.
Yes, it has. Not necessarily for this long, but we have crawled ourselves out of it before.
Do you think we can do that with present management?
Look into my eyes and ask me that question again.

Strategize My Cat

Man, I hope I never need a "content strategy". I suspect than anyone actually embarking on a "content strategy for audience engagement" won't actually be engaging any audiences. Or making any money. That is, unless they're consultants telling other people they should have a content strategy... you know, for audience engagement.

I think I'd tape bacon to my cat first.

[Pushkin hiding under a chair in my parent's bedroom.]

Wait -- this is absurd

OK, so I made one little error. I'm all about correcting it right now.

This blog is my "personal" blog. You can get to it by either continuing to go to or

Duh. Why did I create three new blogs? That was unnecessary. Unneeded. Redundant. I need three blogs in total. I created two new ones. And you just stay on this one for the pictures of cats and whatever I read on Gawker or whatever. Oh, and rants about theater.

Guitars, music, and Tyrannosaurus Mouse? That's right over here.
Movie making, Pandora Machine, and such? Get thee to a Pandoramachinery.

Organized thoughts

Blogging nominally organizes my thoughts.

But I don't have particularly organized thoughts about cats.

They're just not that organizable.

Meydl is a supremely annoying kitten. Adorable as all get out. But really, she's the kind of kitten who, when you lie down to sleep, will come up behind the bed and start batting at your hair. And so of course when you are finally up and getting ready to go, she curls up in a ball on the nearest black piece of clothing to fall asleep.

Me, with my horrible, sick, and twisted revenge fantasies, I can't help but then pick her up and snorfle her tummy, waking her up. "Oh, does this bother you?" I say. And snorfle her again.

Setting her back down on my dad's black dinner jacket from whence she came, I took this picture.

Monday, August 09, 2010

This Isn't the Blog You're Looking For

I'm splitting myself into three blogs now. Update: but keeping this one. Just for personal stuff.

The official Pandora Machine (director's) blog is

The blog that the lead guitarist for Tyrannosaurus Mouse uses to over-talk about guitars, music, and probably more about guitars is at:

If you're (for whatever reason) interested in me blogging about cats and politics and whatever other idiotic things come into my head then you want: (Update: or just stay where you are. I set up the redirects to just work.)

I know, I know. Some people who just love the idea of three blogs-worth of inane ranting don't want me to become triophrenic bloggity-wise. But let me tell you, my distributor is not one of those people.

So this is the last post at this blog address. Update: actually, no, pay no attention to any of this. If you want movie stuff, go to the Pandora Machine blog. Tyrannosaurus Mouse? Go to that blog. Change your bookmarks! Come follow me elsewhere! See above!


Now that I'm doing the three-blogs-on-blogger thing, I'm still a bit concerned about being married to Google. That Google is a two-timer (just look what she did with Wave). But I bought 5 more gigabytes of space so hopefully my images will stay intact.

I'm a bit concerned though because Blogger Image Upload still tells me I'm using 75% of my available space.

And I have to update Google Analytics to follow all three blogs separately.

The thing I'm not afraid of is under-blogging. I can take care of writing too much stuff on three different blogs, thank you very much.


Whoa! This blog is ugly looking. It might just end up looking like the "Empirical Pleasures" blog but right now. Whoa...

I'm gonna make some breakfast. There -- it's all much prettier.


O! The Horror!

Look, this is the kind of thing I have to put up with every day we shoot with Tom.

Although I have to admit, he must have shaved his butt recently because it looks a lot less fuzzy than it did on the last two shoots.

Yes, he went to a lot of trouble to make sure he was at the end of the robot shaft when I had a camera.

And yes, I did ask some anonymous person to hollywood the light around because otherwise I couldn't see anything.

But yeah, what is seen can't be unseen. And so for that I apologize to you.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Earthkiller Day 5

Today I over scheduled. Or, I guess, I under-scheduled 'cause we didn't quite get every scene. But we shot a whole lot.
The call time on set was noon and right now it's 10:50pm and everyone is wrapped out.

We killed Alaina Hammond. Nat Cassidy lost an arm. That's how we roll.

Here's Maduka Steady, Tom Rowen, Nat Cassidy, and Alaina Hammond (still alive.)

So, a funny thing about the hacked version of the Panasonic GH-1 -- the countdown timer goes much faster than "real" time. That's because, I suppose, the data rate is so much higher. We never used to go over about 10GB per day but I find myself now "rolling out" of a 16GB SD card and moving onto a new card.

Which leads us to the amusing situation of taking a card out of the camera that has data which hasn't been backed up yet and replacing it with a card from yesterday which you will now format and erase. Here's a helpful hint you can use in life -- DO NOT MIX THE CARDS UP!

In fact, do a bit of playback on the new card you put in and make sure it's only the footage from the day before which you have dutifully backed up.

Lucy Rayner as Corporal Raze.

Robin Kurtz versus Maduka Steady.

Nat Cassidy, Tom Rowen, and Lucy Rayner wait by the airlock for what may lurk outside.

Lucy Rayner, Tom Rowen, and Maduka Steady by the locked door.