Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This is seriously the most unflattering picture of me ever.

And it may not even make it into the movie because we're again altering the way it works.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Do we say "duh" or "about time" or "that's cool and different"?

Non-spoiler reactions to Luke Cage:
You know you got some white male privilege in you when you watch a scene and realize that it's probably the only time you've seen three African American actresses in the same scene on television.
The trope of The Detective, the Lieutenant, and the pain in the tuchus Internal Affairs Officer, is a dynamic we've seen before. But we just never get to see ALL THREE OF THOSE ROLES PLAYED BY BLACK WOMEN. Yeah, yeah, I know, we can find some earlier exceptions. But they're mightily rare on TV. 
Sure, we have seen that dynamic before. The Detective, the Lieutenant, and the IA officer. But I can't think of a show where all three of those characters would be black... women. I mean. And they're not 18-year-old models. The majority of the black women are just that, ponderable women.

One thing that's really great about it is that anyone could be anything in that scenario. Like we can have a black woman play any sort of character we want because we're free of worrying about "What does that say that we put a black woman in that role?" You mean the role of a pain in the tuchus IA officer? Dramatically it's so dang freeing

Are there dramatic problems with Luke Cage? Oh yes. Yes there are. Mostly in that our protagonist is so hesitant that everyone else is vastly more interesting. 
I mean, it's like putting Hamlet and Macbeth in the same play. Hamlet is moping around and Macbeth has unseemed some dudes from nave to chops before the first scene. 
But the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Waterfox Picnic

The latest version of Waterfox isn't working for me. I'm finding I have to run version 46 because when my computer wakes up everything's drawn wrong -- Facebook doesn't center and GChat doesn't work because its window doesn't open in GMail's tab.

A list of nicknames which has some surprisingly good names on it.

Roadside Picnic ended up being (sorta) a video game called STALKER.

Space4Shoots is a relatively inexpensive photo/video studio in Manhattan.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Both of your things for today

Brewster Jennings was the company the CIA had which was dissolved after the Valerie Plame affair.
How long should a science fiction book be? According to this post -- about 100,000 words.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Root Orchard School

My eldest brother, whose birthday is today, says that The Best Damn Root Beer is in fact the best root beer.
He also says that the Summer Honey version of the Angry Orchard hard cider is the best hard cider.
My niece is involved with the charter school drive. I don't know or understand anything about it.
It's important for you to read and memorize my birthday's horoscope.
I dig this oil slide video and will likely use it in a video one day.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


I've been trying to save money using Acorns.
Paribus is an automatic price-protection thing that links to your Amazon account.
The main geocaching site seems to be
Have you got your tickets to Ed McNamee's Lisa and Leonardo yet? They're selling like hotcakes. They've even added additional shows because it's selling so well.
One day I'm going to get to Just Beclaws for lunch.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Light bulbs (what them in theatre call "lamps") are annoying. Turns out the base in my ceiling fans are "intermediate" base, which is a size that is all but extinct. Here's a chart of light-bulb bases.
Rather than deal with that nonsense I got some E17 to E12 adapters. I suppose I could have gotten E17 to medium (E26) adapters. But I didn't. So there.
Icelandic demon cat.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Universal Robotics

One of the finest plays of the 21st Century. And no, that's not hyperbole at all. This play will change your life. If you're out-of-town, come into town and see this.
This play is going to sell out so you're going to want to buy tickets right now.

UR Constructivist PosterV3
Gideon Productions presents
at The Sheen Center:

Universal Robots

Written by Mac Rodgers
Directed by Jordana Williams
June 3–26, 2016
Black Box Theater
Offering a compelling alternate history of the twentieth century, imagining the invention of the robot in 1921 and chronicling the shocking consequences of that invention, Universal Robots is part science fiction thriller, part political allegory and part love story masterpiece written by Mac Rogers and produced by the award-winning theater company Gideon Productions.
The Great War has just ended. The fledgling Republic of Czechoslovakia boasts a thriving artistic community. At the center of that community is Karel Capek, a celebrated playwright and a passionate advocate for all his newborn nation can achieve. But this brave new world arrives faster that Karel could have ever expected when a young woman walks into his life with a strange mannequin in a wheelchair... a mannequin that gets up and walks all by itself.  UNIVERSAL ROBOTS offers a compelling alternate history of the Twentieth Century, imagining the invention of the robot in 1921 Czechoslovakia and chronicling the shocking consequences of that invention right up to the present day. Part science fiction thriller, part love story, part political allegory, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS is a fast-paced, riveting story of war, faith, art and technology that culminates, in the words of NYTheatre's Martin Denton, in an "edge-of-your-seat finish equal to the best storytelling of stage and screen."
GIDEON PRODUCTIONS crafts gripping plays that explore human grace and darkness, through the kaleidoscope of popular genre forms and other cultural touchstones. We reject the notion that thrills are cheap or that big ideas are boring. We explore what’s strange about being human and what’s human about being strange, using thrilling entertainment as a delivery system for challenging stories that take on religion, sexuality, politics, compulsion, popular culture, and the often strange bonds that tie people together in a rapidly changing world. We honor the time our audiences and collaborators devote to our productions and seek to deliver the utmost quality in experience and content.
Cast announcement here.
Info about the Sheen Center here.
Special Performances:
Thursday, June 9 - Interpreted for the Deaf
Sunday, June 12 - Family support, Teaching artists taking care of kids.
Wednesday, June 15 - Interpreted for the Blind.

Upcoming Performances


Thursday, March 17, 2016


The 500 series Blundstone boots, made in Australia, are supposed to be quite comfy.
The only union-made American boots are Thorogoods. These roofer boots are snazzy but I don't like the color of the soles.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Got Tabs?

Last week's pizza was excellent, but it was not the pizza I remembered.
Victorio's is a possibility.
Also, Frank's.
Unity is a game development platform.

Image Dump Day

 I've posted these images before.
 But I'll do it again.
 Because I can.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Angry Ear

I wrote a children's book.
It's called The Angry Ear.
I illustrated it too. Yes, that's about the quality you're gonna get from it.

You can get the hard-copy (softcover) version
Or you can get it on Kindle It's only 24 pages. But it amuses me.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Residents - One-Minute Movies

If I'm to be honest, the Residents don't do much for me musically. But the visual aesthetic can be fascinating.

Twas a Rough Night

I'll pretty much watch any version of Macbeth. The Fassbender Macbeth is kind of interesting. The witches are rather reluctant. They're not the chatty, happy sort of witches.
The show starts with the Macbeths burying a child. This is an implication in a lot of productions -- that they have a dead kid. Lady M talks about nursing, but not actually having had (and lost) a baby. But here they make that more explicit. Although I think in this production they have several kids. There's a lot of brown-haired white boys in this movie so I start to confuse and conflate many of them.
But I think the older son motivates the "handle toward my hand" speech when he returns as a ghost. Which kinda makes sense. 

Man, Lady M doesn't need a lot of persuasion to go over to the dark side does she?
The issue with Macbeth is always that we don't see his change so much from good guy to bad guy. But what about a Macbeth: Portrait of a Serial Killer? Just make him a psychopath who goes in and out of lucidity. Honestly that sorta makes sense with the witches and all but it doesn't account for Banquo.
Most of the humor in the text in this production is drained right out. No drunk gatekeeper, that sort of thing. They keep it dark.

Sunday, March 06, 2016


The Metrograph is a new, groovy, art-house cinema in New York that Chance Shirley turned me onto.
Speedramp is a very cool tool for changing speed in Premiere. It's a Stu Maschwitz plugin so you know it's good. I really ought to do stylistic things like speed ramping.
Back in ancient times I had a friend in Bloomfield and he used to get us pizza from this amazing place. He encouraged us to get the white, spinach pie -- and although that sounds counter-intuitive it was delicious. So I tried to find that place again and I think it's Zi Zia Pizza in Bloomfield. I'll go there today.
Sir! No Sir! is a documentary about the soldiers who refused to fight the Vietnam War.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Sandwich Day

There's a 30 Rock episode called "Sandwich Day" all about how the Teamsters get sandwiches once a year for the cast and crew of the show -- but they won't reveal where in Brooklyn these magical and delicious sandwiches come from.

So of course lots of people have searched and sleuthed and found that the actual sandwich place is in Hoboken -- Fiore's Deli.
Now it turns out I live 2 miles from the shop. So today, rather than doing the work I need to be doing, I drove there.
There's no menu on the wall, or anywhere as far as I can tell. And like Katz' they cut off a piece of what you've ordered. Today, being Thursday, it's apparently roast beef and mozzarella day. So I was handed this enormous piece of mozzarella cheese while the guy made my sandwich.
And my life is changed. I am a new person now. I may even be a kind of god. Or a loyal servant to those gods whose ambrosia I have tasted. You may kiss my ring. The ring upon my hand that has held the sandwich.
Bless you, child. Thursdays and Saturdays are roast beef and "mutz" in gravy days.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Friend's Stuff

Ian Hubert revamped his web page. Check out Robot Soup.

My buddy Tom Sanitate has a new site for uh... well stuff. Mix Media Factory. It's social. It's got stuff. No politics, no porn.

Kodi TV. I don't know what it is.

Various Drysuit Thinkings

USIA makes a $700 drysuit called the Aqua Sport.
It actually has decent reviews. It's a bilaminate rather than a trilaminate.
One would need some undergarments with it. Like Fourth Element maybe.
I also need an SPG.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Closing tabs

Broken link checker. For, you know, checking broken links on a website.

i09's 10 best and worst sci-fi/fantasy of 2015. No I don't agree with all the choices but I actually haven't seen any of the "worst".

I can't find any real reviews on the Beauchat Baltik Dry suit. At $700 the price is certainly reasonable. But I have no idea.

Bulk rename utility for Windows. It's got a hostile interface but sometimes that's just what you need because otherwise how would it work?

Ecco Track 6 boots for $240.

The Aqualung Pro HD BCD.

Films by Frank V Ross. has information.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Liz Swados

Liz Swados is dead.

You'll notice a bit of a gap in her resume in the above-linked obituary. I worked with her on a couple of those gaps.

Back in the day when I was a lowly sound operator/sound mixer at the Public Theater, organizing a union by day and working on plays and musicals at night, I got put on a Liz Swados show after a week in the shop. They needed someone to mix a new musical she was putting up about Jonah and the Whale. It was all electronic keyboards (which was a mess which we'll get to later), two women and a man on stage with some big "whale bones" in the theater. Um. The upstairs theater on the left (or north) side of the building. I forget what that's called.
Anyway, Liz took an instant dislike of me.

Which is too bad because I kinda liked the show. But the two keyboardists were sort of all-over-the-place in volume and the show had dynamics issues. Also, there was no sound designer assigned to the show so we were using some very old-timey Sennheiser wireless (which actually, when you could get them to work, sounded quite good.)

In addition, Joe Papp really hated her show. At least that's what the word was among the crew and administration. He thought it was just childish garbage but he was going to "teach her a lesson" by having it open so she could read the critics tear it apart. Oddly (and I was out of the show and working on another show by this point) the critics didn't really hate the show that much. They didn't love it. But Wolf was coming in with a super-sold-out show a Zora Neal Hurston plays that was going to run for like 6 months, so Liz' show got the boot anyway.

The arrangements were... loose. And mixing electronic keyboards is a mess in the best of circumstances (which is why most keyboardists mix themselves). 

Then a couple years later I got an emergency last-minute call to come help a show that was touring around NYC schools and was having terrible sound problems. I got there, fixed the problems -- only to realize that ha HA! It was a Liz Swados show. I have no idea if she remembered who I was. 

Years after that, when we were producing Apostasy I got a cassette in the mail from her -- obviously something she sent out to every producer who had a project listed in the Hollywood Report -- looking for composing work for film.

And that's all I know about that.

Friday, January 01, 2016

New Years Music Videos

For some reason at about 4am, music videos came up in conversation.
Gunship's Fly for Your Life is a remarkable bit of animation. It's simply beautiful (you know, for a WWII dogfight). The animation is stunning. I don't know if it was done 3D with some sort of 2D-looking animation or what. But it's fantastic looking.

The sort of platonic idea of the Die Antwoord video is "I Fink You're Freaky and I Like You A Lot"
Green Jelly's "Three Little Pigs" is a video I must have seen when it first came out but I haven't seen since and couldn't remember anything about.

Pingu's The Thing is just genius.
Lastwise is Zombie Zombie's homage to The Thing.