Thursday, February 02, 2023

Recording prep

I'm setting up, or pre-setting up, for the recording of the score to Drowned Girl. The whole score will be live music. I haven't actually done an entirely-acoustic-instruments score before. I'm thinking it will be rather fun.

My plan for recording harp, alto flute, piano, and cello. There may be too many mics in the air but you know, sometimes that helps come time to mix.
Part of the plan is about recording the ensemble with the microphones, you know, I already have. My thinking is to have a figure-8 ribbon on the cello that's lined up with the piano such that there's a bit more isolation. There's a kind of fake Decca tree overhead but everybody gets solo microphones and I'm kinda going nuts with recording the piano. 

We'll be recording through the Allen&Heath SQ5 directly onto a laptop. I'll have the click fed into my headphones. As of right now we won't be feeding click to the musicians but that plan might get altered. I don't know yet. 

With this setup, we're recording 12 channels plus a stereo mix of 2. I need to do computer and drive tests to ensure the whole system is happy recording that way. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Why this is different

It bears repeating that an enormous difference between the American response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the American response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine is that Ukraine... a democracy.

The United States has historically done a pretty bad job at supporting democracies. Since World War II, one can count the democracies the US has supported with military power on one hand.

The Vietnam War is almost a perfect example of Dulles-brother imperial nonsense. I mean, supporting Madame Nhu was some seriously boneheaded and outright evil policy. And again and again, the United States has supported brutal, anti democratic regimes which almost inevitably led to stupendous blowups and self-owns. Supporting Saddam Hussein, then fighting him. Supporting Noriega, and then fighting him. And of course the loathsome crimes of the Khmer Rouge and Pinochet are blood on the hands of the Kissingers of US foreign policy. 

But when US foreign policy was to support actual democracies, it's tended to be vastly better. By definition it's better because they're democracies

And Ukraine is a democracy. 

Alfred Sisley, La neige a Louveciennes

*Wikimedia Commons contributors, "File:La neige a Louveciennes.JPG," Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, (accessed February 1, 2023).

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Little fishlet

I can't actually find this shirt IRL but it amuses me greatwise.

I have a lot of music to record. Cello, harp, piano, alto flute. I went to Staples to get the four parts and two full scores printed out. The full scores are 127 pages. I think the total cost, bound as you see here, was about $115. 

A friend of mine (a classical nerd) made fun of me for how big the time signatures are. But for the conductor's score especially you do NOT want to miss the time signatures. 

Music. It can be written down. 

Terms of endearment in Russian

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