Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Past from the blast

Just about a year ago, I was a DP. What happened? We're near Rochester, shooting a thriller. From left to right (including inanimate objects) that's Andrew's car, my old van, (co-DP) Blair Johnson, (co-director with Andrew Frank) Mitchell, me, and Mitchell's DVX100. I don't think a frame of this movie has been edited since then!
We're shooting at a general store. They had really good cookies. Andrew's wife Hope got pregnant on that shoot. Mitchell's wife Catie was pregnant for the shoot (we're probably shooting both of them in this picture). Blair and I wouldn't let our girlfriends come visit because we were afraid of the consequences.
Blair kept snuggling me. That was a consequence of his girlfriend not being there.
This was the shoot where we decided that we weren't just eating raw cookie dough, but rather "cookie sushi". With that feeling of cultured self-inportance, we ate a lot of cookie sushi.
I wonder who took the picture? It must have been Andrew. Boy, the food was good. Home cooking every night, both vegetarian and omnivorian. And the air lent itself to getting some really good sleep. . .

Weren't we supposed to do one of these a year?

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