Thursday, January 12, 2006

Killing an android

The Maria-Class, Salome (Melissa Riker) , gets whacked.

What do we still owe?
A dolly move on Aurora as she's asleep in her room.
Various dolly moves on Aurora as she's piloting August's transport. She'll be in the Ambassador's clothes and in the Drahmerr robes. And we'll probably need greenscreen reversals.
We want to dolly in on Aurora after the 2nd Lucretia attack.

We still need two robot fights. One with Lucretia and the Nareem which we'll try to get on Tuesday. One with Aurora which we'll get sometime.

And we need to get Aurora's fight with Harkness. That we'll try to get on Wednesday.

We need to get Aurora in the city transport on Cassiopaea Prime. Just a closeup with some rain and such.

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