Saturday, September 30, 2006

Delivering Deliverables

We've been talking to Ted Chalmers at Halcyon. We need to come up with an HD 1.77:1 master, from which can be struck Pal and NTSC masters, both in letterbox 2.35:1, 1.77:1 fullscreen, and 1.33:1 fullscreen (sides chopped off). I also wanna figure a way to get a 5.1 M&E onto the HD masters, but we start to have trouble with the track-count on HD (there's only 8 tracks). We could do it if we were using Dolby E, however...
How the heck to you encode into Dolby E? I suspect a license is involved so maybe a day at a re-recording studio is in order...
And for that matter, I really want to do a pass on the dialog tracks with a Cedar DNS1000.
For money, Mitchell and I are doing a music video next month. He's directing and I'm DP/producer-of-some-sort. I'm just glad I ain't directing. We're going to rent the movietube and a couple Zeiss 35mm lenses (probably an 18, 35 or 50mm, and an 85). Mitch likes a shallow depth-of-field. Maybe we'll forgo the 35 or 50mm and get something really long then... Nah, that just won't be that useful.
And then there's this pig from

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