Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rejected Biography

I actually had my bio for a theatrical production rejected today. That's never happened before. Have I finally crossed the line? I sure hope so.
Worse yet, it was rejected by Daryl Boling, of all people. For those who know Daryl, the fact that I'd been able to offend one of his sensibilities (I think he has two) is quite an achievement.

"Drew lives in a cave directly below this theater. If you see him it means that he's come out of hibernation. The good news is that it's no longer Winter. The bad news is that he's hungry. Try feeding him chocolate-chip cookies. He's a Founding Member of Theatresource and a sci-fi movie director. His Robot Girlfriend likes to fight crime and calculate Pi out to the billionth decimal place. Drew's grown less enchanted with her when he realized that his offer to help her with her calculations were greeted with the same enthusiasm as we might have for the house cat who wants to "help" with the computer. Drew's hobbies include taking naked pictures of Daryl Boling, reading, and writing his bio."

UPDATE! Due to the outpouring of support from the tens of thousands of fans who read this blog, my bio is now in the program for the show!

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Chance Shirley said...

That's a great bio -- I guess there's no pleasing some people...