Wednesday, August 02, 2023


Update: the site listed below is a freakin' goldmine!

Here's Count Basie doing A Hard Day's Night.

April Winchell.

Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash.

And there's more.

(What's New Pussycat in German.)


That being said I'm not sure what I think of DVCPro HD as a compression scheme. It's very convenient as we can acquire (from the Panasonic HVX200) and deliver (it needs no rendering for FCP to export right off the timeline to DigiBeta). But it is a tad lossy.

H264? Now h264 I love. That codec look nice yo. I've been rendering out 23.98 1280x720 h264 Quicktimes to have as an archive specifically so that actors looking for material for their reels can have an excellent-quality full-frame (but small enough file size to fit on data DVD's) version of the movie which they can edit (or have edited) on virtually any system.

So I had a question about h264 being i-frame or p-frame and it turns out that it can be i-frame, p-frame, or b-frame (apparently... which I hadn't even heard of before.) I can't figure out how FCP exports though.

Update. This was originally published on 2/7/09 but got bonked maybe because of whatever the censors didn't like. It may be the April Winchell site. We shall see. 

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