Saturday, January 16, 2016


I've been told to never again put anything involving budgets on any blog post again. I listen. And obey.
Our budgets keep going up though. And we're getting better at certain things.
Virginia Logan modified these flight suits and Brian Schiavo built the masks (not seen) that the androids wear. It's actually quite a goodly bit of costume design. Ian Hubert is building background and yes, that's his robotic drone in the foreground (middleground I suppose).
Ian is also responsible for how smooth this composite is. I don't know what wizardry he does but oof. It's nice.

What else hath been dictated from on high? 4k. We're shooting in 4k from here on out. We might not even be delivering in 4K for a while but for the time being we need to finish in 4k because VOD channels on the interwebs are going to start demanding it.

We shot our last movie (not the above one) in 4K. So we'll be shooting 4K from here on out.
My fantasy is to get one of those Black Magic cameras, mount it so it feels like an Aaton, and get a 4K recorder for it.


Kangas said...

Your fucking distributor is checking your blog? What tools. Yes, I can say that because they're not my distributor. FUCK THOSE DOUCHES. (they probably don't read the comments, right?)

Andrew Bellware said...

The buyers are. They're probably looking at your blog too!
They totally read the comments. You're going to be backcharged for their time against future sales. ;-)

Kangas said...

They can look at my blogs all they want. (it would be a full time job with how many I have)

But my distributors, when I've used them, have a contract and nothing in the contract says I can't say whatever I want about anything not in the contract. So they too, can fuck themselves.

Andrew Bellware said...

Yes but it's buyers in this case. I guess they're distributors. And apparently they're way not impressed with being able to do things cheaply.