Thursday, July 27, 2017

Earthkiller Novel Cover WIP 1

I probably mentioned at some point that I'd finished the novel that I'd started several years ago but then went whole hog on for 2016's NaNoWriMo. Completely unrelated to the movie, the novel is called Earthkiller.

So I set about trying to get art for the cover. First I made this mockup:

It uses a model from Blendswap by Albin.

Chance suggested I check out DeviantArt for artists and see if I could license some art.
Here's an attempt at that, with the actual book-design from Chance.

The following art is by Duster132 and Chance tried two different ways to set it as a cover. Thing is, this work was already licensed so we couldn't use it.

So we're going with Jeff Brown Graphics. Here is the first sketch he sent.

More works-in-progress coming.

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