Thursday, February 08, 2018

Fear of Prime

I'm kinda terrified at the direction the whole movie business is going in.

Amazon Prime, you know, because they can, slashed rates to pay out to small filmmakers. Six cents an hour.
The Crealty 3D CR10-S printer is six hundred bucks. Might want one to make interior spaceship panels -- as one does.
Themendous is a prop-house nearby in Union City.


Joe Falcon said...

Kangas mentioned this to. Until Netflix, Hulu, Yahoo Video realize there is a market for the micro cinema, then only Amazon will be the game in town.

YouTube is also cutting their Adshare and scaling it back on participants.

Amazon got what they needed by letting the indie flock, and doing the usual corporate middle finger. Yet makes me wonder with those like Kangas and others who can out perform the majors and now have to find other platforms, will Amazon suffer for it. Especially if any other others pick up the ball.

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah, it's rough out there. Oof.

Kangas said...

What does that Kangas loser know, anyway?

But yeah, this is rough. And even rougher because the past two months have been the best I've had in nearly a year, and knowing that even if it continues...we're getting 40% of what they paid us unless we can somehow do 30,000,000 minutes per movie...insane.

I'm just waiting for someone to remind us why we do this to ourselves. We coulda been IT guys, lawyers, doctors--you know--occupations that PAY good for your work.