Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ideas for the Future

1. Pick 6 Pandora Machine movies and rewrite them into six 3-episode podcasts.
    • Earthkiller
    • Clonehunter (Naomi is the framing device, it's her story.)
    • Millennium Crisis
    • Day 2 Alien Uprising
    • Pandora Machine 
    • Robot Revolution

      2. Rewrite OBE political thriller and shoot it as a Web series.
      3. Do Cassandra Protocol
      4. Do Android Insurrection II.
      5. Do future noir with HMS. Maybe tell him about it first. Probably not.

      1 comment:

      Aric Blue said...

      Is there money in podcasts? What's the upside if, as I suspect, there isn't?
      (I know, is there money in anything creative nowadays? :) )