Thursday, October 11, 2018


Immersion in sound.
Wavemaker is novel writing software.

Film mixing.
Alex North biography.
Optimizing Kontakt. This is a YouTube video for an older version of Kontakt so I don't know how much is still relevant.
Cinematic Studio Strings sound great.
Reading orchestral score.
2016 Stereo Room by Eventide Clockworks. VST plugin.
I don't know I'll ever keep the Strauss' in my brain.
Ear training.
Moar ear training.


James M. Tate said...

But I have an idea for a screenplay because random blogs make me wanna share ideas no matter what lawyers of 2.9 imdb rated movies say. It's about a man... Not sure the name... He was busy with three boys of his own... They were four men... Five if you count the maid... But they were, you know, lonesome and stuff and...

Andrew Bellware said...

Just tell me where to send the checks!