Monday, November 11, 2019


Oy. Kontakt made me change all the / with \\ in the Windows registry just so all my instruments were unavailable in the Library folder. Bleh. Thanks to this page.
Zazzle would not print this shirt. I thought the IM Fell font was appropriate. They didn't want me to mention or allude to famous people. 

Online GUID generator.

Anti-olioid models.

BBC Sound Effects library. Honestly I haven't found it to be as useful as I'd like. But it was probably just bad luck.

Space travel calculator.


Aric Blue said...

What's happening here? You update even less than I do. What's going on with the movie shit? You give up like a sane person? (If so, teach me how)

Andrew Bellware said...

No, I'm just going much much more slowly with movies.

Aric Blue said...

Gotcha. Yeah, me too, but not really through choice. Just takes longer to get shit together when you've got nearly no money to mess with...