Wednesday, January 05, 2022


Compressor builds.

The Really Cheap Compressor uses a couple LED's and an LDR. 

Hoboken Library gets a new director.

Passive EQ design.

Beavis Audio Research makes pedals and has a lot of groovy pedal designs.

The DIY Layout Creator. Actually, I'm not entirely sure what that's about. 

Most popular IC's for pedals

Wingspan is a game. 

IN: marshall bluesbreaker without diodes
IN parallel: bright and clean boost : compressor

OpAmps for guitar pedals.

An optical compressor circuit in pdf. The vactrols stopped production and then someone started making knockoffs. 

Market share (not factual just a theoretical) from

40% Sweetwater
30% Guitar Center/Musicians Friend
30% Sam Ash, CME, Mom&Pops

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