Monday, March 07, 2022

Announcing the Electric Princess Overdrive

Here's a pre-production image of the top of my guitar pedal. The name has been changed to the Electric Princess Overdrive. The always brilliant Chance Shirley designed it. 

Here is the schematic. There are two gain stages: one that is based on an "Electro Harmonix Linear Power Boost" (but I think with slightly different cap values and a different transistor?), the other is based on the obnoxiously-named "Super Hard On" by Zvex. 

In-between those stages are two passive equalizers. One was a circuit I found using the Seymour Duncan EQ app (that's called the "Stack" in the Electric Princess Overdrive) and the other is the 100cps portion of a Pultec EQP1 where one can boost and cut simultaneously and it sounds cool. 

Have I put a completed one together yet? Heck no. I've tested everything except for the Pultec and I really like how it sounds though. 

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