Saturday, October 29, 2022

Microphones, crest factors, composition

 UT twin 87, a Neumann 87 clone. 

Crest factors. Square waves are 0dB with a linear crest factor of 1. Sine waves are 3dB with a crest of 1.41. Noise normally has a crest factor of 4, or 12dB.

Peak voltages and crest voltages.

I'm trying to write music. I'm writing it for my thesis film and it's super hard for be just because it's hard and because I'm writing all in Dorico, and because the writing is all about my thesis (which is using dramatic theory as a framework for spotting film for music) I have to write somewhat less intuitively because of both those reasons. But the more work we do on this film, The Drowned Girl, the better it gets. I'll listen to some music I've written, hate it, and rewrite it. And I've done that three times now. I'd be enormously frustrated except that the movie is better every time I re-write it. My first draft was garbage. I hit all the right marks, but it just wasn't musical. 
Now it's getting more musical and better at illustrating the emotional reality. So I feel better about it. But it's been super hard. End of complaining. 

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