Sunday, November 27, 2022

Gromneroe Pollywisical


Audiomovers makes a piece of software that lets you stream from a VST plugin on your DAW.

Tuning my Theremax is quite tricky.

Arrow's Theorem. Or: more problems with voting.

The fonts:
1. Garamond (serif / classic / smart) 2. Bodoni (serif / „premium“ / elegant) 3. Century Expanded (serif / readable!) 4. Futura (sans-serif / geometric / functional) 5. Times New Roman ... ... no comment :D 6. Helvetica (sans-serif / often used)

Typefaces for dyslexics.

File under sci-fi watches

I think I've finished the music for The Drowned Girl. Actually, I just rewatched it and I think I want to put some other things in the last act to underline some other moments. It's been a whole year since we shot that movie. It really should have been finished by now. 
Next up is the actual recording of the music. And writing up my thesis of course. My defense is in March so everything has to be done by February. 

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