Friday, December 29, 2023

Nobody knows what day today is

Waiting for my PhD defense to be scheduled. 

We have scene 4, now for 1-3, 5-6.

Working on the opera Red Flag of the Future.

We have a couple shorts coming up. One which will be improvised and is the brainchild of Rebecca Kush. The other is similarly-themed and writ by Richard Byrne. 

This sign was on the HVAC unit in the cafeteria, but I thought it was a funny sign for a TV studio.

Tried to see a dress rehearsal of Carmen at the Met. But the "open" part of the rehearsal was cancelled. 

iPlug controls. iPlug confuses me. I realize the tutorials are a bit out-of-date but they're also not really for people who are just learning to code. 

Tuning the tailpieces on basses. Two octaves and a perfect fourth. I don't know what it is "supposed" to be on a cello, but perfect fourths seem pretty reasonable. 

Flipzyde's singer is a very cool dude I work with. Their music is extraordinarily "musical" metal. I really dig the breadth of sound and the dynamics they do. 

Kaiber is one of those danged AI companies. 

Paul Drescher is a composer. 

Musiversal is a remote-musicians recording service. 

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