Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Little fishlet

I can't actually find this shirt IRL but it amuses me greatwise.

I have a lot of music to record. Cello, harp, piano, alto flute. I went to Staples to get the four parts and two full scores printed out. The full scores are 127 pages. I think the total cost, bound as you see here, was about $115. 

A friend of mine (a classical nerd) made fun of me for how big the time signatures are. But for the conductor's score especially you do NOT want to miss the time signatures. 

Music. It can be written down. 

Terms of endearment in Russian

Notice of Presentation (NOP) to be submitted by 26/09/2023

Thesis prior to assessment to be submitted by 26/11/2023
Viva expected to take place by 26/01/2024
End date of study (including your 3 months interruption) is currently 26/04/2024

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