Thursday, February 23, 2023

Owl notes


Dramatic pivot

Dramatic escalation

New scene/transition

Character stand in



Narrative change (story within a story)

Whose film is it?

A non-comprehensive list of places music might go in a film.

Scene transitions

Changes in liminality dramatically -- narrative change “play within a play”

Realizations -- When someone says the name of the film-- usually a realization

Realizations -- ours. Reveals. 



Actor beat or change -- DRAMATIC PIVOT -- Escalation of emotional reality

Foreshadow (our realization) Presage 

To pick up the pace of a scene

Underscore emotional reality

Illustration to reinforce emotional reality

Stand-in for character or object -- character stand-in

Pauses after beats

Silence can be a cue

Music emphasizes or underlines the emotional content of the narrative.
To increase pace

I was born in 1965 as the youngest of four children and grew up in the idyllic little Borough of Metuchen in New Jersey. I have vague memories of the Vietnam War on the news. 

In 1980, in the 10th grade, I became so disillusioned with school that I simply quit. Oddly, I found my father to be strangely sympathetic to me. 

I went, instead, to Solebury School in (or near) New Hope, PA. My parents spent a lot of money putting me in private school, but I was actually educated there. 

2020 I completed a masters degree in composing for the media.

2020 directed and produced the podcast Earthkiller.

2021 I created the video game Scampr

For students nearing to completing their PhD within the next year, please see below for the new PRAB dates which is the Awards Board:

PRAB Dates

Friday 30th September 2022

Friday 28th October 2022 - to meet the awarding deadline for Winter Graduation

Friday 9th December 2022

Friday 27th January 2023

Friday 31st March 2023

Friday 28th April 2023

Friday 2nd June 2023- to meet the awarding deadline for Summer Graduation

Friday 30th June 2023

One can land on either side of a decision or realization, or right on the nose of it. It tends to work as the character’s realization if the musical underlining is before or on the actors’ moment. It tends to work as the audience’s realization when the music lands afterward.

I'm finding that sometimes the picture wants a little reverb on some dialog. Like when we're very far from her and she's onstage -- the sound wants just a kiss of "theater" reverberation. 10/18/2022

  1. Library

  2. Ice Nymph

  3. Phoebe

  4. 1401

  5. Camera

  6. Camera

  7. Camera

  8. Audio interface

  9. Headphones

  10. Mod Duo X

  11. Kemper

  12. Keyboard

  13. Mouse

  14. Streamdeck

It is your time to work out what the music needs to be saying in the scene. When the music starts and finishes is also important: the entry or exit of a cue can add significance to that moment in the film.

The Professional Composer’s Guide p132

Paul Thomson

Spitfire Audio Books 2022

Great Britain

ISBN (eBook): 978-1-3999-1884-8

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