Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Every use of the "Jaws theme" in Jaws

I love looking up at water. 

28 seconds -- under titles and shark POV

Such a beautiful cue as we watch her swim overhead

5:56 shark POV as camera comes up at her from underneath

10:58 shark POV attacking boy (Alex) on inflatable raft

26:19 fishermen on pier, a reveal of the shark being out there but not the shark POV

Interestingly, the attack in the pond does not use the theme. The POV in that attack never goes to that of the shark.

1:53 there is a staccato fast-tempo variation of the theme while Hooper is in the cage and is first attacked but this scene is clearly Hooper's POV, not the shark's.

Weirdly, there is no music under Quint's death, or even when the shark first goes for Brody (and there's a lion's roar).

1:58:50 the theme does indeed return briefly but with a different melody. 

2:00:00 the low strings play the motif during the last attack on Brody, but it is underneath high strings and woodwinds

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