Sunday, May 12, 2024

Imaginous Dumpiteritude

 I'll just leave these here.

This is my modification of this meme. I think this meme is hilar.

I dunno what this is or what's up with it but it was on my desktop.

I used to religiously send this to everyone on Facebook until I got too many complaints about using old material. 

My highly-skilled drawing of a moose. 

This was me in probably 1980 or possibly 1979 in 10th Grade at Metuchen High School. 

Fun brid.

This is my drawing of a "bunny tank". I don't remember why, I had some Internet reason for drawing it.

I think this is a 30 Rock joke.

This is a power plant background image Ian Hubert made. 

I made a conspiracy theory.

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