Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Big Day!

Today was the longest of all of the days on Bloodmask. We went 13.5 hours. In a "real" movie we would have been considered to have gone into less than an hour of overtime (we always take a long lunch.) But for us -- whew!
Lucretia (Olja Hrustic, whom we wrapped today) kills the Neuronecromotron (Don Arrup), while Aurora (Clare Stevenson) looks on.
Anna Ekillsson as Trelisa.
Aurora (Clair Stevenson) and the Androids (Sara Matthay, Anna Ekillsson, Ben Thomas, and Christa Kimlicko-Jones).
Andrew Bellware, with the camera (taken by Clare Stevenson).
Ben Thomas is a dead Edwards.

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