Sunday, February 05, 2006

Last day of Principal

Laura and I are a bit sad -- this has been so much fun, and now we just have some "B" roll to get! Today we had a bunch of people, including some new characters.
We shot the Attis 19 space station.
The always wonderful Jeffrey Plunkett played Advisor Carrasco.
Christa Kimliko and Sarah Matthay are the androids Chloe and Klelland. They were super-great.
Clare's husband Al DelBene played the Terran Ambassador (or rather, his drone). He barely got a chance to say hello to her before he got whacked. Behind him is Kim Vasilakis as a Maria-Class android.
Christa Kimlicko-Jones, Clare Stevenson, and Sarah Matthay as Clare's about to whack her hubby.
The Maria-Class (Kim Vasilakis) is about to come to an untimely end by the newly - sentient Trelissa (Anna - Karin Eskilsson.)


Anonymous said...

So the last day of principal photography and my birthday fel on the same day.

I'm sure that means something.

Andrew Bellware said...

It means you're old! ;-0