Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Boring Post - Video Levels

I found the most boring thing to ever write about! Video levels.

I'm also working on the new "paragraph" tag in html.

This will tell you more than you want to know about setup and video levels in general:

And if you read this thread carefully you will find this important piece of information regarding going from a CR601 color space to RGB:
"Avid's media is 601. If you want to work with it in RGB you need to remap the levels to RGB. Combustion's equivalent to Levels is "Discreet CC Histogram" in the "Color Correction" section of Operators. To remap 601 footage to RGB set the "incoming" (the upper sliders below the histogram" to black 16 and white 235. Leave the "output" (the lower sliders) to 0 and 255."

Isn't it lovely? This is how Daryl Boling feels about video levels.

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