Sunday, July 30, 2006

Picture locked

We have four treatments and are banging away at some scripts. A space western (desert, androids, light sabres, mechs) based on Sweeny Todd (!). A Prison Planet movie. An alien invasion flick. And one which we started writing for Clare which is called "Dead Planet" right now.

We're about 25 days beyond my self-imposed schedule for picture lock. I keep promising that "this is the last movie I'm doing the picture edit on!" Hoo boy. It would be nice to have a real picture editor bangin' away on the thing so all I have to do is come in once or twice a week and make notes. But we're locked. Whew! We're locked! I keep threatening that any story changes we have to make will be done in voiceover.

Anyway, enough complaining. We are locked and we're getting music in the next couplea days and then it's a non-stop mixing party.

Who says I can't still be amused by my lousy camera phone?

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