Friday, August 04, 2006

1.5 more acts of music to go!

We have to get an act-and-a-half of music from Aaron, and then there's a world of sound effects (including all the darn noises the robot makes), and we have to make a decision about foley (whether to do a day of foley recording or just use "cut" effects). And then...

We still won't be done.

I suspect we're going to add a scene where Murnau gets his orders. I'm also a little appalled (in a pulp/genre kinda way) that we don't have any (as Laura puts it) android-on-girl action. We used to, in the script, but something happened...

Oy vey.

Today I will work on scripts.

But the big news is that I'm using yet another Google product: and I'm going to publish my blog with it.

Just you watch.

I will.



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