Friday, August 18, 2006

What do I do?

Here's a picture of my cart.
I've completed most of the picture edits we have on our "punch list" we created last Sunday. One more picture edit to go.
Mac Rogers gave us his thoughts & we turned 'em into a concrete set of edits with further consultation by our "third screenwriter" Anthony Litton, and our special effects director Maduka Steady. Ed McNamee assured us that the story was working emotionally (he's not a big fan of science fiction) and that's all I need to know!
There's about a dozen more sound edits to do, robot foley, and then: reshoots/additional photography! We hope to get all that done on Wednesday/Thursday...
That means we should be able to start duplicating screeners this coming weekend.
I'm not so sure I'm a sound mixer anymore. I think I'd like to do, say, one film a year as a sound mixer, one as a DP, and one as a director. (I bet I'd get paid in diminishing order for those three things!) I'd love to have a Cooper mixer, a couple Shoeps mics, that sorta thing, just to have around.
In any case, we're finishing pickups on Bloodmask on Wednesday. I hope to have all the edit changes done by then.
Here's a quote. You can tell that I've been doing a lot of surfing while rendering.

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