Monday, November 27, 2006

Channel Fiction Science

Or: Off-World action-oriented science fiction films.

Remember when Laura met with the SciFi Channel? Our goal ultimately was to become producers of SciFi Channel Original Movies. That's really not so much our goal now. And this is why:

Up 'till now SciFi Channel's acquisitions has been trying to fill 24 slots/year. 80% of those movies are independents. But things aren't working. First off, they have trouble with movies like Bloodmask as it is an "Off-World Film" -- the wisdom is that "we know those don't work." But secondly, they thought they had the formula for ratings with creature features, but they aren't working either.

Incidentally, if they do buy a movie, they typically get a 90-day window to air it, then they let you have a 1-year home video window, and then it reverts to a SciFi Channel window again for some length of time.

They (SciFi Channel) feel they get Tivo'ed more than network shows are. (Tivo'ed shows don't count toward ad revenue). So now they want to make Saturday night movies more of an event, then they want to do acquisition of bigger theatrical packages -- probably from big studios, not independents.

Now, as far as our being a producer: it's much easier if he's bought films from the producer before. Basically, they will buy your movie for $750,000 against a $2Mil budget. That blows our economics of shooting for $350K and keeping the rest for a rainy day.

And here's a rough estimate of the SciFi Channel act structure:
I. 18 minutes / II. 7 minutes / III. 8 minutes / IV. 9 minutes / V. 13 minutes / VI. 10 minutes / VII. 8 minutes / VIII. 9 minutes

So what does this mean? We won't be producing for the SciFi Channel any time soon. But we will be making action-oriented Science Fiction "off world" features. That's our business plan. And we're stickin' to it! ;-)

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