Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Bio

I had to send in a bio today because I'm composing the score for Macbeth at Manhattan Theatre Source. And because it was a company - wide email, we were all asked for headshots. Well, designers and technical staff don't usually include their headshots but I thought it would be amusing to take a picture of myself and send it along with my bio. Here it goes:

"Drew is a founding member of ManhattanTheatreSource, a distinction in that, like a little red imp on Andrew Frank's shoulder, he persuaded Mr. Frank into putting a theater in a former dance clothing store on MacDougal Street in Manhattan's historic Greenwich Village.
He's been doing sound/music/film things for a while now. This is actually the second time he's scored a Macbeth, the first time for a comedic film version. He designed sound for Andrew Frank and Doug Silver's Sidd off-Broadway, and composed the score for Woyzeck here at Theatresource. Drew recently directed a feature film: Bloodmask (a.k.a. Millennium Crisis) which stars Ato Essandoh and was produced and co-written by Laura Schlachtmeyer."

I used to write much more satirical bios, mentioning snotty things like being fired from some of the most famous theater companies in New York -- the New York Shakespeare Festival and the Wooster Group (dating Joseph Papp's girlfriend and being chased down the street by Willem DaFoe, respectively) but out of just trying to not embarass Andrew Frank and Doug Silver, I've calmed down lately.

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