Monday, December 11, 2006

Angry Planet ah-one

Mac Rogers delivered a big chunk of script late last night for our upcoming movie Angry Planet. I'd thought of making a space-opera Western because I saw a video by Muse. Laura Schlachtmeyer thought the plot should be based on Sweeny Todd and Maduka Steady pointed out that Sweeny Todd is actually The Count of Monte Christo. Laura wrote a treatment. I wrote a scene. And now Mac has written all but the last 10 pages.Here's a great scene which we'll never be able to shoot because we can't get a bunch of mutant children. Oh, but if only we had the money (and the tutors!) Man, we gotta figure out how to film this scene:

Do you like children, Cub?


I hope so.

Westerholm gives Cub a shove, and he tumbles down a hole into a cave beneath the rock-scape.

Cub blearily opens his eyes and looks around. The chamber he is in is lit by torches. There are children all around him. Some are asleep, some are waking up. They are all in silhouette.
What the fuck?
He stumbles through the children and tears one of the torches off the wall. He turns and holds the torch in front of him. And immediately wishes he hadn’t. All the children are hideously deformed, and they have razor-sharp teeth. The room he’s in is a nest.

Oh motherfucking god.
He swings the torch around and the mutant children cringe away. He looks up at the hole in the ceiling and swings the torch around, looking for a way up.

One child lunges beneath the torch and sinks its teeth into Cub’s leg. Cub screams and kicks. Another bites into his wrist, forcing him to drop the torch. In an instant they’re on him, biting into his legs, his thighs, dragging him to the floor. Cub screams and screams as he goes down into the hungry mass of mutant children.

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