Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh December

I want more robots.
I've always wanted a Robby. But the ultimate goal is a Maria. Well, in any case, we need to make a movie where a leggy blonde is carried by a monsterous robot somewhere.
Plus: I love this video. Massive space war. It's Battlestar Galactica versus the Star Wars Empire. So exactly what movies should be:

Met Chance Shirley, great guy. I really enjoyed "Hide and Creep". I can't wait to see his next film which he's shooting very soon.

I'm thirty pages into what will be one of our next scripts. In a few days Mac Rogers will have a script for us too. That'll be two. Then Maduka's working on yet another script and I'm trying to convince Laura to write a vampire huntress script.

Ato has his own web site. Did I know this? Maybe I did.

And for those of you playing along at home, here's a video showing how to kiss a girl:
And just to finish things up, here is my Amazon wish list. Boy, this is a hodge-podge post, isn't it?
My Wish List

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