Sunday, April 15, 2007

Please send me your script


I've only got time to get out a burst communication through the ionosphere while the drones are patrolling above this bunker. I can't let them triangulate on my position, so I gotta make this brief.

I pulled a data-load from the Hive about 20 seconds before a short-range tactical nuke took it out. I know, it's dangerous, but I have the nanobots quarantined in stasis until I can get the whole packet to a safe machine. Some of it was human readable (or at least it was in hex which my deck could spit out in image form at me before the nuke shock) and I got the "release" codes for all the HK android teams.

But here's the thing - the sat comm is going to be up over the horizon in fifteen minutes, and I can't access that without the key which is in your computer. I don't know how the nanos got into your machine and read all the data, and I don't know why they've chosen you over anyone else, but unless you get me the entire script as you have it on your drive immediately, the human race will be wiped out by sometime T-minus 43r.

Please Mac, just send it. My life, all our lives... depend on it. They depend on you. The fate of mankind rests in your hands. Send me whatever you have right away and we can stop them!

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