Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There's half a million zombies in Seattle...

... he's looking for just one.


That's right. David Wellington is putting out a new serial novel online. Plague Zone. Read a new chapter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Oh yeah!
And other than that I'm working on thinking about considering attempting to greenlight our next production. We have a Mac Roger's script at Paul Cooper's place for notes. The working title is Angry Planet. I'm open to better titles. Laura wrote the original story, Mac worked it all out and wrote out the script, and I went in and ruined the dialog and did some things to characters and destroyed Mac's ending.

Alien prison planets are what it's all about. Well, one alien prison planet. Necrosis 6. It's a tale of revenge and androids. It's Pandora Machine job number 0701.


Chance Shirley said...

I think ANGRY PLANET is a great title.

I'd love to read a draft whenever it's ready for public consumption.

Andrew Bellware said...

Right now I'm thinking "Planet of the Damned" but hey, it'll probably just get changed by the distributor anyway!