Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Letter to Landlord

I got to send this letter today to my landlord.

In the mid-day of 8/19/15 my Internet went out suddenly. I have a DSL line.
As there was contruction going on in the apartment below me, I asked the guys working there if they would have cut anything.
One guy, who I do not remember, said "Internet? No. Or do you mean phone?"
Not thinking of DSL being a "phone" line I said "No, just the Internet."

Later on that day I returned home to find that my power had been cut off (note that there is no work being done on my apartment.)
It was impossible to get a hold of anyone to turn my power on that evening so I had to leave.

On 8/25/15 at approximately 11:00am, one of your electricians accosted me while I was looking at the phone service in the basement.
I asked him if he shut of my power and he said yes and that he didn't care.
He yelled at me about something to do with ladders and to not touch anything "back there".
I asked him "What stuff am I not supposed to touch?"
He called me an asshole and he then told me that he'd shut of my power again and asked for my apartment number (which I did not give him).
His response was "That's okay, I know, you're on the 2nd floor."
He was extremely belligerant and threatening.

He was middle-aged, heavy-set, with missing teeth and thick glasses, about 5'5".

I do not feel safe in my apartment with the workers threatening me and messing with my phone, internet, and power.
I can't help but assume that all this damage is being done deliberately.

Andrew Bellware


Joe Falcon said...

You should of mentioned they failed to notify you of any power loss to your building. I know you live in NJ, but even they have rules on turning off power. The DSL line being cut, well that's a letter to the Landlord anyway.

I'm fuzzy on rental law in NJ, but cutting power to any apartment without notice is a big No-No.

Also follow it up with a certified letter if the disruption continues or worsens. Learn your rights as a renter quickly. It's a hassle, but better to be knowledgeable about what both parties can and cannot due. I'm betting the guy working in the apartment is probably not certified to be there, especially if a line was cut.

Just make sure the disruption is kept to a minium and be friendly until they give you a reason to go from being nice to hellish spawn of satanic nightmare who should of been left alone.


Andrew Bellware said...

That's good advice, thanks!