Thursday, September 24, 2015


There aren't that many science fiction movies which actually get me lost, but the criminally underrated Infini has some moments where I'm just confused. I get that we have to make the reactor think it's going critical in order to get command override but... what is on that conveyor belt? No idea.
But it doesn't matter.
We're seeing off the set here aren't we?

The movie has a strong script, is well-acted, and was obviously made for several million dollars. It looks great. Sure, they use the same armor we used in Prometheus Trap, but they have awesome space helmets and some decent weapons. The aesthetic design is there. Even the computer interface is a nice meld of Alien, and 2001 (flat panels), and straight up hexidecimal (even though he claimed it was binary but, you know, space insanity will do that to a fellow.)
Rebecca Kush made me watch it. She said I had to drop everything and watch it right now. Which is better than when she told me that I had to watch Luther because she kept hitting me every time she said how yummy Idris Alba is. So, fewer bruises this time.
Her point was, it's a Pandora Machine - like film. And it really is. Ensemble-like cast. Fog. You know. That stuff.
I cannot fathom the movie making money. But my goal is to make movies that look this good but for under $50K. That's reasonable, right?


Joe Falcon said...

While sometimes your pacing seems slow or bouncing around. The acting has never been subpar, actually it's professional. I'm sure if you got CinemaSined you'd rank up a bit of them.

As for the conveyer belt, it was a mining outpost. Infini almost seemed like a Pandora film though.

The movie you have to check out is Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, I heard about and saw it, excellent Aussie zombie movie.


Andrew Bellware said...

Sweet! I'll have to check out Wyrmwood! Thanks!