Friday, June 29, 2018


8dio has some nice sampled orchestral instruments.

Vocalign has a $150 version. But so far I think I don't have any real sync issues on the ADR in our next movie.

Focal. They make some headphones. They're about $1500. Seems like they sound pretty good.

Garritan Personal Orchestra.

Wanna find the frequency of your tinnitus? Or, if you have really good headphones, where your hearing actually kicks out? Yeah. No. But yeah.

I had to compose a short piece as an entry assignment to the graduate program at Thinkspace. So this is what I did.

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Aric Blue said...

For $1500, the sound coming out of those headphones should be orgasmic.

Music sounds good. Like, you could be scoring my movies and making LITERALLY dozens of dollars. What do you use to make the music? (I've messed around with Acid and Fruity Loops and Reaper)