Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Dumb Generator Batch

Because I am dumb, all I knew how to do was to put the Plastic SCM "UE4PlasticPlugin" folder inside of Unreal's plugins folder. That's basically all I know. It seems to work. I've already said more than I know or understand.

Here is a computer voice generator.

F2 can be used to batch rename files in Windows X.

The Phygrian Dominant scale.

Naiant makes really cool audio stuff.

GRM Tools. Software for sound design.

Sound Skulptor SSL-style compressor in a 500-series rack.

Working long hours is nuts. And they do that in Hollywood at nutso levels.

I swear I am getting less intelligent each and every day. Sheesh.

Trackspacer is a thing.

Game accessibility guidelines.

These are the ten best fonts. Do not argue! THESE ARE THE 10 BEST.

Akzidenz-Grotesk (best typeface ever designed)
New Baskerville (best serif ever designed?)
DIN 1451 (German. Standard.)
Franklin Gothic
HTF Didot (Bodoni is also a revival font. I don't know what that means)
Gotham (Obama's favorite)
Knockout (sans serif)
Gill Shadow (which, I mean, 10 best? Oy.)
Sabon (basted on Garamond)

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